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Survey 2019

In April 2019, the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (EU) carried out a representative study via an independent research institute, asking 1,000 (potential) students and 1,000 parents exactly the same questions about the university market in Germany.

This study is absolutely unique in Germany.

The questions that were asked about the following subjects:
The choice of which type of university to apply to (public vs. private universities etc.)
The choice of studies (study programmes etc.)

​For a short summary of the study, please click here.

And here are specific topics and their findings summarised (in German):
• Parents play an active role when it comes to finding the right studies
• Private universities are more future-orientated
• Innovative study programmes – essential but hard to understand at first glance
• University rankings do not play a vital part when choosing the right university

Have a look at some examples of our press coverage:
• Listen to UE’s Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Merkle speak with Bayerischer Rundfunk about the parents' influence on choosing a study programme here (in German)
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