• Tippit Festival: An exchange for creative people from students for students

    Tippit Festival: An exchange for creative people from students for students

    Students of the University of Applied Sciences Europe are hosting the Tippit Festival at Campus Berlin from 21 to 22 June 2019. Both fellow students and external creative professionals are welcome.
    The Tippit Festival was once founded by four students to offer fellow students a cost-effective alternative to the popular conferences on career and entrepreneurship or creatively oriented festivals. Since then it has been continued by subsequent students. The organizers of the festival expect 200-300 participants again this year: "Our goal is to create a new platform that brings together all creative disciplines and gives participants the opportunity to meet other creative people, learn and be inspired through lectures and panels, and expand their skills through practical workshops and joint activities," says co-organizer Sophia Arlt. 

    This year's theme is "Forth&Back". The focus is particularly on the creative processes of students, experts and companies. Planned are different Workshops, appearances of guest advisers, common activities, an evening party and conditions, at which enterprises and participants can come into contact with one another.

    "The main aim of the festival is to bring together creative people from all disciplines in order to exchange inspiring ideas, network, make creative progress and, above all, design," sums up Sophia Arlt. More information can be found on the corresponding homepage.

    When: Save the date: Friday and Saturday, 21-22 June, (times will follow)
    Where: University of Applied Sciences Europe, Campus Berlin, Dessauer Str. 3-5, 10963 Berlin

  • Film + Motion Design SELECTED WORKS 2019

    Film + Motion Design SELECTED WORKS 2019

    We are pleased to invite you to the FILM + MOTION DESIGN SELECTED WORKS 2019.

    On May 24, 2019, the study programm Film + Motion Design presents selected film projects in the Arsenal cinema 1 at Potsdamer Platz.
    Shown are student films from the last two semesters. In addition, a few films from the german photography and english photography study programms will be shown this year.

    Following the screening, a get-together will be given by Alumnis and Film + Motion Design students.

    When: Friday, May 24th, 2019, 4pm - 6pm
    Where: Arsenalkino Potsdamer Str. 2, 10785 Berlin

    The event is open to the public and free of charge. 

  • DKMS registration campaign at Campus Hamburg

    DKMS registration campaign at Campus Hamburg

    The Leo-Club Askanier, the youth organization of the Lion Club, organizes a registration campaign of the German Bone Marrow Donor Database for our students and employees on Wednesday, May 8th at 10.30 am til 3.30 pm the Campus Hamburg. 

    The organizers hope to sensitize even more people to the topic of bone marrow donation with this campaign and to make a small contribution to defeating blood cancer. 
    Helping is not difficult: sticks in - donating. Because for the registration in the DKMS donor file only a saliva sample is necessary! Financially the studying and coworkers can support the German marrow donor file financially by the acquisition of cakes in the entrance hall. The proceeds of the sales are donated to the DKMS. The registration action is voluntary and free of charge. More information to the bone marrow donation gives it here.
    When: Wednesday, 8 May, 10.30 am til 3.30 pm
    Where: University of Applied Sciences Europe Campus Hamburg, Museumstraße 39, 22765 Hamburg, Room 2.20

  • Master Photography in Berlin: Semester Start (Tom Kaiser Part 4)

    Master Photography in Berlin: Semester Start (Tom Kaiser Part 4)

    Tom Kaiser holds a bachelor's degree in photography from the Hamburg campus. Now he is studying for his Photography Master at the Campus Berlin. You can also read his introduction, his first report about his studies at Campus Berlin and his summary of the first Master's semester. Now follows his blog article about the beginning of his second semester.

    Hello, friends!

    After a successful semester break, I’m back at Campus Berlin – fresher and more fired up than ever before!

    I spent part of the break at home with my parents, reflecting on the past semester and recharging my batteries. I also seized the opportunity to start a mini-project called “After the Storm”. Although it’s not yet online yet, you now have an exclusive little heads up that it’s on its way! I also spent a fantastic week in Mallorca with a friend, splashed around in the sea every day, exploring the island, enjoying the supermoon and spending the entire time without any electronic devices. Instead of being glued to our phones, we had plenty of time to think and chat. We even hatched the crazy idea to sleep in a rented car – and we did! We got as close to nature as the cold night air would allow. What an adventure!

    New courses

    The courses I’m taking during my second semester look really promising. Most of all, I’m looking forward to the project course – so I’ll have even more time for a major project than last semester! Then there’s “Ethics of the Image”, which kicks off with a look at the fundamentals of Western ethics and then moves on to take a more international perspective, including Indian ethics. Given the international composition of the course, the content couldn’t be more appropriate! Our Professor, Eric Aichinger, made several suggestions for topics we could cover and asked us to choose our favourites. Then, in the second half of the semester, we’ll be moving on to photographic practice. We’ll spend time with a photographer, who will answer our questions on a wide range of topical issues, including the right to one’s own image in street photography and the debate surrounding “helping or photographing” that all photojournalists in crisis regions are forced to wrestle with.

    Major plans

    In addition to doing everything I need to do for my course, there are lots of other things that I absolutely want to do during the new semester: First, I’ll be starting a project-based job in Hamburg, where I’ll be working as a product photographer for one of my friends who sells his own products on Amazon. I also want to take the leap into genuine self-employment: I’m currently creating a portfolio as a portrait photographer and hope to present my subjects’ stories, experiences and formative experiences in “environmental portraits”, which would allow me to portray their lives in their usual surroundings. I have already planned all the steps for this through to the summer and am excited to find out how it all works out! Finally, I’m going to be collaborating with a fellow student on a project about homesickness. We aim to portray 100 migrants in Berlin, interview them and photograph a place or sight that makes them feel homesick. If we can, we want to project the pictures onto the Berlin Wall as dyptichs – in keeping with the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall!

    As you can see, I’ve got lots to look forward to. Thankfully, I feel full of energy and can’t wait to hit the ground running in this busy and inspiring semester!

    I’ll keep you posted!


  • Symposium and exhibition on the project “Ortslinien” Walter Kempowskis at Campus Hamburg

    Symposium and exhibition on the project “Ortslinien” Walter Kempowskis at Campus Hamburg

    UPDATE: Bazon Brock has agreed to attend our symposium at short notice. We are very pleased that the emeritus professor of aesthetics and cultural mediation at the University of Wuppertal will be there. 

    As part of the symposium "Zeit erzählen" from April 25th to 29th 2019, students of the Hamburg campus will present presentation concepts around the unfinished late work "Ortslinien" by the writer Walter Kempowski, who died in 2007, in the Altonaer Museum. With the participation of students from the Technical University of Berlin, readings and panels will be moderated in the Audimax of the campus.

    On the occasion of the author's 90th birthday, the students, under the initial direction of Prof. Christoph Büch, Communication Design Campus Hamburg, and Prof. Dr. Stephan Günzel, Media Studies TU Berlin, developed the concept of the "Kempowski Mile" on Museumstraße in Hamburg-Altona. In the Audimax of the University of Applied Sciences Europe, experts from various disciplines such as media theory, memory research or music will talk about Kempowski's intentions as well as about how to deal with history in the digital age. Among others, our communication design professor Christoph Büch and our dean Heike Ollertz (professor for photography) will speak. In addition, plays will be staged in the Altonaer Theater.

    Determining the sense of time

    Over a period of several years, Büch used Kempowski's notes to develop ways of creating a spatial sense of time together with students from the Art&Design department of the University of Applied Sciences Europe. The resulting works and interfaces will be shown in a special exhibition in the Altona Museum and are intended to encourage the viewer to reflect on historical developments. Among other things, the concept of a digital and interactive wall by Paolina Keller on which pictures, texts, audio and video files are arranged in an invisible grid and are supposed to move fluently once, a game for an interactive table by Chiara Kleinke, an explorable website by Florian Rehder and an accompanying app by Karoline Braun can be seen. The project was financially supported by Sonja Valentin.

    Learn more about the symposium in an interview with curator Prof. Christoph Büch.

    What: Symposium on the local lines

    When: 25 April from 10 am to 10 pm and 26 April from 10 am to 6 pm

    Where: Audimax, University of Applied Sciences Europe, Museumstraße 39 22765 Hamburg


    What: Exhibition "Interfaces for the Local Lines"

    When: Vernissage on 25 April at 6 pm

    Where: Altonaer Museum, Museumstraße 22 22765 Hamburg

    Look forward to the speakers:

    Prof. Christoph Büch: Professor for Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences Europe, Hamburg
    Prof. Dr. Carla Damiano: Professor of German Studies at Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti
    Karen Duve: Writer from Hamburg
    Prof. Dr. Knut Ebeling: Professor of Media Theory and Aesthetics at the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin
    Prof. Dr. Stephan Günzel: Professor of Media Science at the Technical University of Berlin
    Dr. Volker Hage: Author and cultural journalist from Hamburg
    Peter Helling: Culture journalist from Hamburg
    Dirk Hempel: Freelance author from Hamburg (co-worker of Walter Kempowskis)
    Falko Hennig: Freelance author from Berlin
    Gerhard Henschel: Freelance author from Berlin
    Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kemp: Institute for Philosophy and Art Studies at the Leuphana University Lüneburg
    Prof. Dr. med. Dipl.-Psych. Michael Linden: Research Group Psychosomatic Rehabilitation,
    Charité University Medicine Berlin
    Constanza Macras: Choreographer from Berlin (Dorky Park)
    Prof. Michaela Melián: Professor for time-related media at the Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts
    Simone Neteler: Freelance author from Berlin (collaborator of Walter Kempowskis)
    Prof. Heike Ollertz: Professor of Photography and Dean at the University of Applied Sciences Europe, Hamburg
    Isabel Raabe: sauerbrey | raabe, Berlin (RomArchive - Digitales Archiv der Sinti und Roma)
    André Raatzsch: from the Documentation and Cultural Centre of German Sinti and Roma in Heidelberg
    Prof. Dr. Jan Philipp Reemtsma: Institute for Social Research Hamburg
    Johannes Schmidt: Niklas Luhmann Archive, Bielefeld University
    Axel Schneider: Intendant Altonaer Theatre in Hamburg
    Prof. Dr. Angela Schwarz: Modern and Recent History at the University of Siegen
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. Siegfried Stiehl: (Senior) Professor of Computer Science at the University of Hamburg

    Further details can be found in our press release.

    The detailed programme can be found here.

  • Poetry and design contest “Shoemotion - The best message on your heels” by the Götz brothers

    Poetry and design contest “Shoemotion - The best message on your heels” by the Götz brothers

    Design enthusiasts and lyricism lovers watch out! The shoe mail order company Gebrüder Götz has announced a major poetry and design contest. The theme "Shoemotion - The best message on your heels" is to be interpreted lyrically and creatively according to your own taste. The aim is to find a short but crisp slogan that contains a creative and appealing message and to combine it (optionally) with a suitable design. An expert jury then evaluates the entries in the categories "Slogan" and "Design+Slogan" and selects the best three ideas. In addition to the nationwide mailing of the winning design with the best slogan, prize money of up to 1,000 euros and a voucher for 200 euros are also available.

    The closing date for entries is 31.07.2019.

    Further information for participants can be found here.

  • Visit of the mayor at the Games Week Berlin

    Visit of the mayor at the Games Week Berlin

    Michael Müller, Governing Mayor of Berlin, visited the stand of the University of Applied Sciences Europe at the international Games Week in Berlin. He watched the students' games with interest and exchanged views with professors and students on current topics in the industry. Games Week was again a complete success. Around 15,000 international and German game developers, publishers, investors and opinion leaders from public institutions, the media industry as well as players, families, and fans visited the event in the German (game) capital. The university occupied its own information stand with game design professors Sebastian Stamm and Csongor Baranyai from Berlin as well as Eric Jannot from Campus Hamburg, Romana Beczala from Career Center Berlin and many students, including game design student Mascha Camino

    A big thank you goes to the co-organizers of the university, who enriched the Week with their enthusiasm. The representatives of the university are already looking forward to Games Week 2020. 

  • Project week at Campus Iserlohn

    Project week at Campus Iserlohn

    During the project week in Lüdenscheid, the students of the Art & Design department of the University of Applied Sciences Europe at the Iserlohn campus dealt with ideas on how the old town can be revitalized. Two empty shops in the old town of Lüdenscheid were studios on Monday, 08 April. Communication design and photography students spent a week developing ideas on how to bring the historical core of Lüdenscheid to life. They discussed already known pragmatics developed from the design, included suggestions from associations and politicians, forecasts on shopping behaviour and population development and played through possible scenarios.

    Ideas with radiance beyond Lüdenscheid were sought, says Ubbo Kügler, Professor of Communication Design, and stressed: "Radiance is probably the right word. One would probably work with light because Lüdenscheid also calls itself the City of Light".

    The following Friday, 12 April, the students presented their ideas in an exhibition. Until then, the students from Lüdenscheid were allowed to visit the studios and participate in discussions. The workshop of the university was part of the planning for the redevelopment of the old town. The city of Lüdenscheid wants to concentrate culture and education in the quarter - in a joint project with the adult education center and the music school, private theatres and galleries. More than 19 million euros are planned for the conversion. The concept is to fill vacancies not only with shops, but also with cultural offerings, services, and gastronomy. With their project, the students of the Iserlohn campus have provided further approaches. 

  • Interview to symposium “Zeit erzählen” with curator Prof. Christoph Büch

    Interview to symposium “Zeit erzählen” with curator Prof. Christoph Büch

    In the run-up to the symposium "Zeit erzählen" (Telling Time) at Campus Hamburg, the Altonaer Museum and the Altonaer Theater, curator Prof. Christoph Büch from the Communication Design course will give insights into his very personal relationship to Walter Kempowski's work. The symposium at the three locations on Museumstraße will deal with the reception of the last work „Ortslinien“ by the deceased author.

    What fascinates you about Walter Kempowski's last work Ortslinien?

    The almost infinite space for discoveries opened up by the village lines. The idea of letting texts, paintings, photos, films that are exactly 100 years apart come together cancels time and sensitizes us to the fact that the past is present. As a teenager, I once saw an interview with Walter Jens. He said that instead of investing billions in a flight to the moon, we should dig for another Homer in the earth. That had already made me think at that time and also points to the realization of the story that we find at Kempowski.

    How did the idea come about to continue the local lines together with students of the Art&Design department in a multimedia project?

    I spent several semesters working on Walter Kempowski's echo sounder with students from the HTW Berlin. This developed into a collaboration with Sabine Wolf from the Akademie der Künste Berlin. At one of our meetings, Sabine Wolf mentioned that there was a Walter Kempowski computer in the basement whose data was not accessible. Among them was the unfinished project Ortslinien. That was a very exciting moment. When does one get the opportunity to be the first to "read" an original manuscript exclusively? While working through the material, I finally came up with the idea that a realization with contemporary formats had to take place with young minds - the students.

    What impressions do you get from the semesters during which the students worked with Kempowski's material? Was there a very special moment that you still remember today?

    Of course, there were many of them! It was especially funny when a student on our trip to the Academy of Arts Berlin said to me: "Mr. Büch, it was really interesting to see that the local lines are really interesting for other people (besides you). I wouldn't have believed that!

    What do you wish for the symposium in the Museumstraße and the further reception of the village lines?

    I hope that the symposium will be inspiring for many students of the University of Applied Sciences Europe of the Hamburg campus, but also that it will open up new intellectual perspectives for them. For the local lines, I hope that there will be an actual realization outside the university environment. Kempowski's idea of interconnecting two days at a distance of 100 years is genuinely digital and in my opinion, an ingenious method to use the Internet archive even better for educational purposes in the future. But I am very relaxed at this point. It took several decades from the technical invention of film to the development of a "language of film".

  • Campus time in conversation: “The first 100 days at work”

    Campus time in conversation: “The first 100 days at work”

    During the panel discussion with ZEIT CAMPUS, the Techniker Krankenkasse and representatives of other renowned companies, you will discuss "The first 100 days at work".

    The leap from university to professional life is sometimes not so easy and the entry into the job is associated with many hurdles.
    How does the start into a successful and fulfilled professional life succeed? How do I work, how do I contribute myself and my skills to a team? These and many other questions will be answered that evening at Campus Iserlohn.

    Afterwards, at the get-together in a nice atmosphere with snacks and drinks, in-depth conversations with the speakers and coaches can be held and final personal questions discussed.

    Participants will also have the opportunity to register for one of two interactive workshops. Experienced coaches give concrete tips on career orientation (Workshop 1: "How to find the job that suits me") or application (Workshop 2: "How to recognize my strengths and stay calm").

    Please register for the discussion and workshops here.

    When: 25.04.2019
    5.00 - 6.00 p.m.: Panel discussion
    6.00 - 6.30 p.m.: Get-together
    6.30 - 8.00 p.m.: Workshops (take place in parallel - please select when registering)
    From 8 p.m.: Finishing with drinks

    Where: Campus Iserlohn, Reiterweg 26b, 58636 Iserlohn, Germany


  • Animated film by lecturer Anne-Christin Plate celebrates world premiere

    Animated film by lecturer Anne-Christin Plate celebrates world premiere

    Iktamuli by our Berlin lecturer will be screened at the Filmfest Dresden

    Our illustration lecturer Anne-Christin Plate celebrates her world premiere at the Filmfest Dresden with her animated film Iktamuli. After two years of hard work, she is proud to introduce her film to the world.
    The project was funded by the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony and the film produced by Balance Film Dresden.

    About the movie:
    Iktamuli is a drawn animation film.
    The film depicts thoughts and feelings of a mother with her so called mentally disabled son. While she moves with him through everyday life, her ambivalent feelings, her struggles to accept him as he is, get into her way.
    Scenes of daily routine disintegrate into her feelings of rejection and sorrow, happiness and belonging. It is challenging for the mother to take her son as he is.
    Iktamuli deals with the conflict of a mother and her feelings of love, connection, self -pity and denial. The story is told as an associative montage of scenes, following feelings and experiences of the mother, as we listen to her inner monologue.

    Here you can watch the trailer for Iktamuli.

    At the Filmfst in Dresden the outstanding film was awarded the coveted trophy, the "Goldenen Reiter". The University of Applied Sciences Europe congratulates Anne-Christin Plate on her successful project and we look forward to the future work of our lecturer.
    You would like to learn from professionals like Mrs Plate, and already make important contacts during your studies? Then find out more about our degree programs here or apply today for a degree from the University of Applied Sciences Europe.

  • New Professors at Campus Hamburg

    New Professors at Campus Hamburg

    In a small, festive ceremony, Prof. Dr. Daniel Kaltofen, Prorector Teaching, and Prof. Heike Ollertz, Dean of Art&Design, presented the official certificates of appointment to four new professors in the foyer of the campus in Hamburg-Altona.

    The entire team of the university congratulates once again the new and old colleagues Prof. Dr. Angela Harre, Communication & Media Management, Prof. Maike Mia Höhne, Film + Motion Design, Prof. Dr. Dorothe Verbeek, Psychology, Prof. Eric Jannot, Game Design, on their academic title.

    Are you interested in studying at one of our campuses? Then click here directly.

  • Exhibition “MeMe - being here/being there” with the student Shir Zilbert and Prof. Katharina Mayer

    Exhibition “MeMe - being here/being there” with the student Shir Zilbert and Prof. Katharina Mayer

    On April 5, the exhibition "MeMe - being here/being there" opened with a vernissage by Shir Zilberstein, student of photography at the Berlin campus, and three other Israeli artists living in the Rhineland.

    The exhibition focuses on the search process for the "I" and one's own personality structure, triggered by living in a foreign homeland. With photographs, videos, a song impression and paradoxical body impressions, the artists present the search for their own identity, culture and nation both visually and audibly.

    Under the coordination of Prof. Katharina Mayer, Professor of Photography at the Iserlohn Campus and the Berlin Campus, and a colleague, the four artists spent a week in residence at onomato künstlerverein e.V. prior to the exhibition, where they were able to inspire, exchange, and support each other in the design of their works.

    When? Exhibition: 05.04.-28.04.2019, Artist Talk: 14.04.2019 5 p.m.
    Where? Where? Gallery Bernd A. Lausberg, Hohenzollernstraße 30, 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany

  • Graduate receives award for pARkinson project

    Graduate receives award for pARkinson project

    Maren Demant, art & design graduate from Campus Berlin, won the pitch at the Auditon of VISION.A, the digital conference of APOTHEKE ADHOC, with her start-up "Invisible Room" and her augmented reality application for Parkinson's patients.

    Her thesis in 2015 dealt with a virtual reality project. She has meanwhile established herself as an immersive experience designer and founded "Invisible Room". The company creates software, games, virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D on the web and event concepts. 
    Maren says about her start-up: "What particularly excites me about Immersive Experience is that it creates a feeling of presence. This means that I can actually put myself in another place or in another person or situation with the help of the medium."
    Your Augmented Reality application helps Parkinson's patients when the "freezing" phenomenon occurs. Patients are paralyzed by a muscle block and cannot move any further. Maren's AR application dissolves the blockage in Parkinson's patients within seconds. Patients are shown stairs using 3D glasses. "The brain is tricked and stimulated to resume movement," Maren reveals.

    You can contact Maren Demant and Invisible Room on Linkedin and the homepage.

    Would you like to work with virtual reality and augmented reality in the future? Then inform yourself about our study offers. Study communication design, film and motion design or game design at the University of Applied Sciences Europe in Berlin, Hamburg or Iserlohn. 

  • Games Week Berlin 2019

    Games Week Berlin 2019

    From 8th to 14th April, industry visitors and gaming enthusiasts will meet again this year at the central events of the international Games Week in Berlin. It is intended to build on the success of 2018. The organizers expect around 15,000 international and German game developers, publishers, investors and opinion leaders from public institutions, the media industry, as well as players, families and fans in the German (game) capital. 

    The University of Applied Sciences Europe is actively represented with the following events. In addition to game design professors Sebastian Stamm and Csongor Baranyai from Berlin as well as Eric Jannot from Campus Hamburg, Romana Beczala (Career Center Berlin) and many students, including game design student Mascha Camino, will also be at the stand.

    Quo Vadis 2019 (8.4. + 9.4.2019)
    For two days, the English-language developer conference will discuss topics such as marketing, live ops, community management, financing and funding of games as well as current developer trends, innovative technologies and the use of computer games in healthcare.

    A MAZE 2019 / Cultural Festival (10 - 13 April 2019)
    The Videogames Festival A MAZE offers exhibitions, lectures, workshops, concerts and installations of current artistic and experimental game design, alternative games and interactive digital art. 

    GAMEFEST Berlin 2019 (12 - 14 April 2019)
    At the Gamesfest all visitors, from beginners to game professionals, get their money's worth. The exhibition offers 600 square meters with game stations for indie titles, board games, virtual realty, arcade machines, retro consoles and much more as well as a varied stage program with interviews, live let's plays, tournaments and music. The performance of Sebastian Stamm and his students will take place on 14.04. at 14:00.

    Womenize! 2019 (10 April 2019)
    Talks, panels and workshops at Womenize! are specifically designed for the career, perspective and empowerment of women in the games and tech industry. Dedicated junior staff and experienced experts such as Mascha Camino want to achieve forward-looking changes in the games, media, start-ups and IT industries.

    What: Games Week Berlin
    When: 8 to 14 April 2019
    Where: Berlin - for exact locations and times, please refer to the respective event pages.

    Have a look at the website of Devolution. The project of students and professors of the University of Applied Sciences Europe deals with all steps of game development. 

    Want to get a career in gaming? Find out more about the Gamedesign course in Berlin and Hamburg directly here on our website.