Photo artist Irina Ruppert, who teaches at BTK as a member of the faculty, displays her exhibition “Cortorar Gypsies” at Forum für Fotografie in Cologne in June 2016. 
    Spiegel Online and PhotoNews have already reported on her work. Spiegel Online commented: “An artistic series of photographs that has arisen from 

    psychological depth.” 

    More on Irina Ruppert.



    Picnic blankets, deckchairs, bright sun, and right in the middle of it a creative workshop at BTK. Last Saturday, July 8, students and professors presented themselves and the university in their colorful workshop tent on Platz der Republik at the start of the cooperation between BTK and ALTONALE

    Visitors to the ALTONALE Pop Night could have their portrait photo or drawing done which was subsequently turned into a piece of graphic artwork on the computer in the tent at the festival center. The results will also be exhibited at the symposium “HUMOR AND SUBVERSION” on November 4 and 5 at Campus Altona. This weekend the university invites the public to a tour of the campus during the ALTONALE street festival: 

    July 15, 7 p.m. – Preview and a party to follow at 9 p.m. 

    July 16, 11 a.m ~ 7 p.m. – Exhibition with guided tours starting on the hour. 

    BTK Hamburg, Campus Hamburg Altona, Museumstraße 39, 22765 Hamburg

  • BTK Talks Podcast

    BTK Talks Podcast

    BTK Talks Podcast showcases students, professors, and guest lecturers involved with BTK university of art & design, through long-form, unedited conversations discussing guests' projects, trajectories, processes, opinions, and fixations. Hosted by BTK photography student Sebastian Gongora and produced by sound designer Tim Hook, BTK Talks welcomes all to enjoy and get to know the variety and richness of creative people gathered by BTK.

  • „Experimental Illustration”

    „Experimental Illustration”

    Our Illustration-students came together in the class "Experimental Illustration". It looks back on a really prolific summer semester.
    These are a few works by Hamish McEachern, Angelie Koerner, Yayoek Börger, Anja Möhricke & Wenyuan Gu.
    For more information and artwork visit the studies own website!

  • BTK alumnus Tomaso Baldessarini wins PX3 Award in Paris

    BTK alumnus Tomaso Baldessarini wins PX3 Award in Paris

    BTK alumnus in Photography Tomaso Baldessarini has earned a lot of success with his book project series “Queens”. He has been chosen as the Editors' Pick by the LensCulture Magazine and the American media portal BuzzfeedUS shared his photo gallery and attracted worldwide attention. This winning streak has not yet finished! At this year's Prix de la Photographie Paris (PX3), one of the most prestigious photography competitions, Tomaso Baldessarini came out on top against many thousands of entrants from 85 countries all over the world. And he did not win just one prize, he won two prizes! GOLD – first prize – and the “Honorable Mention Award” in the Portrait category. 

    We are extremely proud of him and congratulations: Keep it up!

    Here you will find more information about the photography star.

  • Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften at BTK

    Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften at BTK

    This year's Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften was dominated by new and innovative media such as virtual reality, 3D painting, and 360-degree multi-perspective. Visitors enthusiastically took up on the interactive offers as well as themed workshops and panel discussions. 

    In complete contrast, analog photo shoots took place in the basement, where people could develop their own picture in the dark room, and a workshop on anatomical illustration that demonstrated the basics of drawing human anatomy. 
    The entertaining but also informative atmosphere of this night at BTK made it one of the most successful ever. 

    For more information and impressions from the day, please click here.

  • ADC Festival: BTK student wins award

    ADC Festival: BTK student wins award

    Traumatized hens, the never-ending debate on organic produce, and (supposedly) way too much cholesterol: the humble egg is one hotly contested subject - and an average German consumes 231 eggs in a year. BTK Illustration student Viktoria Hagelberg took home an award at the ADC Festival for her work "Eimmage" to encircled yellow and white. Egg-cellent!

    The assignment involved first drawing an egg and then delving deeper into the idea. Hagelberg's concept was to celebrate the egg, despite all its imperfections, for exactly what it is: prominent, popular, and delicious. Her solution is the book "Ei will survive" - minimalist, versatile, and somehow sweetly playful. "Just how we like our eggs."

    More images and the winners can be viewed here.

  • New York photographer Todd Weinstein visits BTK Berlin

    New York photographer Todd Weinstein visits BTK Berlin

    Every year students visit him in New York City, and he just visited us at Campus Berlin: Todd Weinstein

    Born in Detroit in 1959, Todd Weinstein has been living in New York since 1970, and he talked about his fascinating career as a photographer beginning with his high school days through to the time in New York, including a 10-year period during which he ran a gallery in a Manhattan studio. Besides commissioned works and personal projects, he had been an assistant to Ernst Haas between 1972 and 1986, and he has been leading workshops with students at BTK every September since 2007. 

    About 40 budding young photographers attended the talk held at the BTK cinema yesterday, and there was even a group selfie at the end of it!

  • Festival for Animated Film: Grand Prix for BTK Professor Volker Schlecht!

    Festival for Animated Film: Grand Prix for BTK Professor Volker Schlecht!


    Volker Schlecht, professor for illustrations at BTK, was awarded the Grand Prix at the Festival for Animated Film (ITFS) in Stuttgart for his movie "KAPUTT" about Hoheneck women's prison. The ITFS is one of the largest and most important festivals worldwide.  In the 23rd ITFS awards, Schlecht and his colleague Alexander Lahl received the Grand Prix. Congratulations! Their short film Kaputt enthused and satisfied the jury consisting of Cav Bogelund, Spela Cadez, Rocio Ayuso, Jala Maghout, and Till Penzek. 

    “The winner of this year's Grand Prix is a powerful document on both the strength and cruelty of human nature. Its raw and haunting images perfectly unfold a part of history that we shouldn't forget”, the jury explained. That's not all: The winners were not only holding the Grand Prix in the one hand, but also a check for 15.000 euros in the other hand.

    And the success story continues:  Kaputt and its creators scooped the main prize for short films at the 26th Cinematic Art Festival Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and obtained the first prize for the best short film with a 4.000 euro award, funded by the provincial capital Schwerin. [D1] 

    The jury consisting of the documentary producers Sung-Hyung Cho, Bernd-Günther Nahm, Karsten Wiesel stated: "The possibilities of animated movies are perfectly used in this short film to handle a difficult topic. By combining graphic visualization and narrative memories, proximity and empathy were established while maintaining essential distance. The creators managed to bring history to the present in a surprisingly short time."

    Alexander Lahl und Volker Schlecht are going to visit more movie festivals in Zagreb and Annecy, France, as well as in Melbourne, Australia with their masterpiece in June 2016. An Oscar nomination is already guaranteed because of the success in Stuttgart!
    We keep all our fingers crossed!

    You can find an interview with Schlechter by Gabriele Stötzer (MDR) here.


  • SHIFT - Final Projects of Bachelor- & Master Students at Kühlhaus

    SHIFT - Final Projects of Bachelor- & Master Students at Kühlhaus

    Four floors full of ideas from Photography, Illustration, Communication Design, Interaction Design, Motion Design and Media Spaces: about 75 final projects of the Bachelor- & Master- Students of BTK filled the SHIFT exhibition at Kühlhaus Berlin to the rasters.

    Last Thursday the Professors handed the graduates their testimonies and honored outstanding projects, which where judged by a jury before. Prof. Volker Pook welcomed the students and their friends and families and gave a review of the last years and the impressive progress from a freshman to a bachelor´s degree candidate.

    Philipp Alexander Scherer spoke as a student to the guests and said: “I know how hard it is to find your own way, but please be proud of yourselves today! At least today!“ His speech was followed by Mani Sharma, who was moved to tears while she talked about the countless processes (“Do I have life or am I just living?“) during the study program and the complementary works. She finished her oration with the words: “We all come from different cultural backgrounds and countries but we came together here. Thank you for everything!“

    The Band Careless Cats played Swing in the pauses and led over to Prof. Stephan Günzel who dismissed the Master Students. They also received their testimonies amidst thundering applause - no wonder, because this was the first group of students graduating with a Masters Degree at BTK!

    The Vernissage started with the opening of the buffet so the area filled quickly and an unforgettable  evening began! Congratulations to all students and graduates!

  • BTK waiting list procedure has started

    BTK waiting list procedure has started

    The waiting list procedure for the summer semester 2016 has now started at BTK - the chance for latecomers.

    Thanks to our waiting list procedure, BTK is now giving latecomers the chance to still apply and be accepted to their studies of choice. Should your application be successful, you will be invited to the university’s portfolio interview. If all admission requirements are fulfilled, it is possible to join BTK until March 31st.

    BTK’s Study Guiders are there for you by phone or e-mail at all three campuses. They’re happy to answer your questions about our courses of study, the application process or student financing. 

    Go to our online application form!

  • BTK Professor shows film at Berlinale

    BTK Professor shows film at Berlinale

    Overcrowded prison cells, strict hierarchies, cruel detention conditions and the continuing psychological effects are the subject of discussion. Based on interviews with former prisoners of the detention center Burg Hoheneck, the Animadoc film „Kaputt“ tells about the most infamous women´s prison of the DDR. It is a film about punishment and exploitation in socialism, from which also Western Germany profited a lot.  

    Gabriele Stötzer and Birgit Willschütz were imprisoned at Burg Hoheneck, the main women´s prison of the DDR.

    The focus of the movie is on forced labor and enormous performance pressure. Millions of tights, bed linen and other products were produced for West German corporations and generated substantial profits on both sides of the Iron Curtain.

    Seven-minutes of audio recordings are interpreted in a graphic-abstract way by using minimalist and monochrome images. In doing so, „Kaputt“ follows the young tradition of Animadoc movies.“

    Schlecht is a professor for Illustration at BTK. “One of the special features of this BTK program is the variety of the courses“, he says. „Aside from Book-, Economic- und Editorial Illustration, sequential formats such as Character Design, Comic and Storyboard as well as drawing basics for animated film are taught.”

    Key information about „Kaputt“:
    The seven-minute short film is made from animations drawn on paper, which were then digitally processed. The project was funded by the Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung and Stiftung Sächsische Gedenkstätten.

    Volker Schlecht:
    Volker Schlecht works as an illustrator, graphic designer and filmmaker in Berlin. He studied Communication Design at Burg Giebichenstein in Halle, was involved in the Animation program at HFF Konrad Wolf for many years and is currently teaching at BTK – Hochschule für Gestaltung as a Professor for Sequential Illustration. In 2002 he founded the Label Drushba Pankow together with Alexandra Kardinar. Drushba Pankow was awarded various prizes for illustration und book design such as the Golden European Design Award for the book „The Soul of Motown“ in 2010. Among their clients are the German Rolling Stone, Die Zeit, The New Yorker and the arte Magazine. The animation films by Volker Schlecht and Drushba Pankow were shown at many international festivals, especially successful were “Germania Wurst“ and “Nobody’s Fool / Over You“

    Filmography of Volker Schlecht:

    2014 Kyrie eleison / Transforming Gods (dir. Volker Schlecht)
    2012 N obody’s Fool / Over You (music video, dir. Drushba Pankow)
    2011 Filmfest Dresden Trailer 2011 (commissioned work, dir. Volker Schlecht)
    2009 Green New Deal (commissioned work, dir. Drushba Pankow)
    2008 Germania Wurst – german history in a bite (dir. Volker Schlecht)
    2000 Sonst nichts / Nothing else (dir. Volker Schlecht)
    1997 R ue Ros. / Pink street (dir. Volker Schlecht)


    • Su 14.02. 4:00 pm (closed)
      CinemaxX - Potsdamer Straße 5, 10785 Berlin
    • Tue 16.02. 4:00 pm
      CinemaxX - Potsdamer Straße 5, 10785 Berlin
    • Wed 17.02 5:00 pm
      Colosseum - Schönhauser Allee 123, 10437 Berlin
    • Fri 19.02 10:00 pm
      CinemaxX - Potsdamer Straße 5, 10785 Berlin
    • Sa 21.02 5:00 pm
      Colosseum - Schönhauser Allee 123, 10437 Berlin


    Starting this winter, the thermal bath SaarowTherme cooperates with BTK Berlin. The goal is to develop a new signage system for clients and visitors.

    Within the next months Communication Design students will design and create a new signage system under the lead of Prof. Volker Pook.

    It is impossible to imagine our daily life without guidance systems. People are the center of new technologies and important information are transferred via programs and solutions.

    „To reach a high level of comprehensibility and to send a clear message, it is important to choose written forms, fonts and colors that offer an ideal recognizability and readability for the viewer“, says Prof. Volker Pook, Director of the Communication Design Program . “Aspects such as architecture, design, color-theory and psychology also play a substantial role“.

    Innovative, modern and customer-friendly concepts for a new signage system are to be created in collaboration with the leadership team at SaarowTherme. The concepts will be further developed into a final draft until February 2016. The goal of the signage system is to make it easier for guests to find their way and to increase their well-being during their stay at SaarowTherme.

    „We consider it very important to support young talents as well as the dynamic of cooperations between universities and businesses by giving each other stimuli to use the creative and professional potential”, says Mr. Axel Walter, manager at SaarowTherme.

     “We are looking forward to the diversity of perspectives and the wealth of fresh ideas from the students and are very curious to see the results.”