• Successful Motion Plus Design City Stream in Berlin

    Successful Motion Plus Design City Stream in Berlin

    On Thursday, February 13, 2020, the first Motion Plus Design City Stream with about 100 guests took place at the Berlin campus.

    The event was initiated and moderated by Prof. Mario Gorniok-Lindenstruth (Film + Motion Design).

    It was a great evening with lectures by Studio Clim, 3D artist Remo Gambacciani, Helen Hsu and Animation Director Cris Wiegandt.

    Students Long Tran and Fabio De Saldanha also presented a video installation in the gallery.

    Thanks to all Film + Motion Design students and to Kook Ewo, who made the City Stream possible.

  • Successful bachelor exhibition at campus Hamburg

    Successful bachelor exhibition at campus Hamburg

    On Friday and Saturday, 24 - 25 January 2020, the bachelor exhibition of the Art & Design Department of the University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) took place at the Campus Hamburg

    Students of the courses Film + Motion Design, Photography, Illustration as well as Communication Design presented their final theses under the motto "S I E D E P U N K T °".

    The Alma-del-Banco Prize was awarded for the second time on the Hamburg campus. This prize is donated by the „Forum für Künstlernachlasses“ - which is dedicated to the promotion of art, the cultivation and preservation of cultural values and the support of artists in Hamburg and Northern Germany. The Jury was Tina Ahrens (director of photography at Philosophie magazine), Stefanie Plappert (exhibition curator at the German Film Institute & Film Museum in Frankfurt) and Suze Barrett (cover designer working at DER SPIEGEL). We are more than happy that the chairwoman of the Forum, Prof. Dr. Gora Jain, also directs the theory at our campus. We congratulate our winner Ragna Arndt-Marić.

    The following tour and the bachelor exhibition were well attended - there were about 500 visitors on campus.

    We congratulate all bachelor graduates on their graduation and are enthusiastic about what our young artists have created!

  • Successful bachelor & master exhibition at campus Berlin

    Successful bachelor & master exhibition at campus Berlin

    From 24 - 26 January 2020 the vernissage and the bachelor & master exhibition of the Art & Design Department of the University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) took place at the Campus Berlin

    Prior to the opening of the exhibition, students were presented with their graduation certificates in a festive ceremony. During this ceremony, the respective lecturers awarded a prize for the best thesis of each course. For the first time, there were more than 100 graduates on the Berlin campus.

    Works from the study courses Film + Motion Design, Game Design, Photography, Illustration, Communication Design and Media Spaces were shown.

    During the tour that followed, bachelor and master graduates had the opportunity to exhibit their work of the past months. During the tour, the works on the ground floor as well as on the 1st and 3rd floors of the Berlin campus into a hands-on exhibition. Visitors, including the graduates' families and friends, were thus able to explore the unique projects.

    The exhibition continued on the following Saturday and Sunday. In total there were about 1,300 visitors.

    We congratulate all bachelor & master graduates on their graduation!

  • Alma del Banco Prize

    Alma del Banco Prize

    On Friday, 24 January, the Alma del Banco Prize for the best thesis will be awarded for the second time at our campus in Hamburg as part of the bachelor's exhibition and award ceremony. The prize is donated by the “Forum für Künstlernachlässe“, which is dedicated to the promotion of art, the care and preservation of cultural values and the support of artists in Hamburg and northern Germany.

    Tina Ahrens (left), Suze Barrett (middle) and Stefanie Plappert (right) are part of the jury:

    Tina Ahrens is the director of photography at Philosophie magazine in Germany and an independent visual consultant providing project management, visual concept and editorial development for corporate and editorial clients such as CNN Digital, GEO magazine and National Geographic.

    Suze Barrett is a cover designer for the news magazine DER SPIEGEL. For many years she was Executive Creative Director at Scholz & Friends in Hamburg and Managing Director for the creation department of Scholz & Friends Switzerland in Zurich. Suze Barrett has won over 200 creative awards nationally and internationally.

    Stefanie Plappert is a renowned theater-, film- and media-scientist as well as exhibition curator at the German Film Institute & Film Museum in Frankfurt. She has been responsible for several film exhibitions and is a member of the selection committee of the EMAF (European Media Art Festival).

  • Anne-Christin Plate wins ARTE “grenzenlos” competition 2019

    Anne-Christin Plate wins ARTE “grenzenlos” competition 2019

    The University of Applied Scinces Europe warmly congratulates Anne-Christin Plate on winning ARTE's "Grenzenlos" competition last week with her 5-minute short film "Iktamuli".

    Anne-Christine Plate started as a lecturer in 2008 and has been involved in our illustration programme since 2013. 

    You can find more information here

  • Global University Systems received the award for ‘Private Education Group of the Year’

    Global University Systems received the award for ‘Private Education Group of the Year’

    At the Education Investor Awards 2019 in London - one of the biggest and most prestigious education industry awards ceremonies - Global University Systems (which we are a part of) received the award for ‘Private Education Group of the Year’ from Education Investor magazine.

    This makes us very happy and is a recognition of our policy of putting students at the centre of everything we do - throughout our group.



    The GRADUATION MAGAZINE 2 is out now!

    64 impressive student works of 8 study programmes from 2 campuses have now been published.

    On the occasion of the 21st Bachelors’ and Masters’ exhibition, this magazine is the second cross-campus archive documenting all final projects of our graduating classes.

    For the purpose of a contemporary understanding of arts, design and research, our contributors reflect on the theme CO-CREATIVITY – ZEITGEIST – COMMUNICATION.

    With an introduction by Prof. Heike Ollertz and essays by Prof. Dr. Gora Jain, Prof. Dr. Lauritz L. Lipp, Rana Öztürk and Prof. Thomas Noller.

    The Vice Dean Prof. Christian Meyer zu Ermgassen of the Art & Design department spoke introductory words at the launch on the Hamburg campus, in which he emphasised the special nature of the sum of all parts in the form of the 64 works.

    When: Wednesday, 18 December 2019, 7 pm
    Where: University of Applied Scienes Europe Hamburg, Museumstr. 39, 22765 Hamburg, Room 1.00

    When: January 2020, t.b.a.
    Where: University of Applied Scienes Europe Berlin, Dessauer Str. 3-5, 10963 Berlin in the Foyer

    Graduates: Summer semester 2019
    Alatorre Hernández, Diamanda. Aliabadi, Alina. Andjelkovic, Jelena. Arabadzic, Manuel. Bartnicki, Isabell. Berghorn, Johanna. Björkman, Carl Sebastian. Boeckh, Christopher Sebastian. Broermann, Anna. Brugger, Mario. Bußmann Pardo, Mònica. Depierre, Jérôme. Dreyer, Fanny. Efstathiou, Jason. Einarsdóttir, Helga. Geisen, Laure. Hansen, Lydia. Harde, Nick. Hartmann, Philipp. Hillmer, Alina . Hoffman, Vanessa. Höhl, Milena. Kamieniew, Katarzyna. Kemmler, Sandra. Kiriakidis, Anastasia Elsa. Kjeldsen, Marianne. Kollmann, Margarita. Kovacic, Michelle. Lagodka, Romy. Lemloh, Carmen. Lindström Muller, Polo. Lurye, Inna. Mahfoudh, Alexander. Mawbey, Jack. Mnatsakanov, Vitalij. Montazeran, Aida. Moritz, Miriam. Naouri, Basel. Nurmela, Anna. Parlavecchio, Allegra. Pfeiffer, Leonie Charlot. Pleger, Nick. Princeataia, Elina. Raab, Deborah. Refaat, Rana. Rieke, Lea. Rudolph, Willi. Rybak, Sylvia. Sabbagh, Arash  Sahin, Alara. Salgar, Maria Cristina. Schigiol, Myriel Chantal. Schröder, Johannes. Selim, Salma. Solomon, Jahlia. Sorgenfrei, Nele. Thiele, Lukas. Tselmin, Alexander. Valkani, Frideriki. Vijayaratnasingam, Vithusan. Wagner, Florian. Wlodarski, Julia. Wrobel, Kim. Wüllenweber, Simon  

    Instagram: @ue_graduation_hamburg, @ue_graduation_berlin

  • The ELMAN Project - Elbphilharmonie

    The ELMAN Project - Elbphilharmonie

    On Tuesday, 26 November 2019, new artwork inspired by this year's motto "Silk Road" premiered at Elbphilharmonie and in Singapore.

    As a part of the ELMAN University Project 2019 - a transcultural art exchange between the Elbphilharmonie Media Wall (Elphi) in Hamburg and the Media Art Nexus (MAN) at the Nanyang Technological University Singapore - emerging artists from our Department of Art & Design collaborated with Art, Design and Media students from Singapore to create artwork for both LED media platforms. All results premiered simultaneously in Hamburg and in Singapore.

    More information can be found on the website: 

    Dominik Bade, Niklas Berger, Linus Eckel, Daria Fernandez-Dagach, Leon Herres, Ties Kozok, Javier Martelli, Michael Medovyy, Luca Nieweler, Zuzanna Poloczek, Michelle Sitko, Lia Wortelker, Yiqi Yang, Yeo Ying Zhi, Ayesha Fathima, Clarita Saslim, Cheng Si Min, Chloe Leong, Natalie Ang Shi Hui, Wee Yen, Yan Ran, Ong Jia Ying, Yuen Jia Jun, Ellie Liu Yixuan, Tan Chloe, Jacelyn Ng, Jamie Lim, Tan Ying Hui, Amadea Low

    Mentoring Professors:
    Prof. Verena Kraemer, UE Study Programme Film + Motion Design
    Prof. Ina Conradi, NTU ADM Singapur

    Project Coordinator:
    Thorsten Bauer, Media Artist, Urbanscreen

    Creative Director Media Art Nexus: 
    Mark Chavez

  • Connecting Cultures: Exhibition

    Connecting Cultures: Exhibition

    On Thursday, 12 December, the Christmas exhibition "Connecting Cultures" will take place in the Galerie at campus Berlin.

    The event is organised by Prof. Katharina Mayer and students of the University of Applied Sciences Europe.

    7 pm to 8 pm:
    Opening of the live show and installations in the gallery (next to the main entrance)

    8 pm to midnight: 
    Dinner and party in the cafeteria

    You are welcome to bring specialities from your region.

    We look forward to your visit.

  • UE Stories: Peter

    UE Stories: Peter

    Future Design Visionary

    Prof Dr Peter Crnokrak is Head of the Visual & Experience Design programme at University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE). He is a winner of the European Design Award and in his field of expertise is mainly focused on with the visualization of the digital. This ranges from app design to the visualization of big data. It is important to him to promote individuality:

    "The world does not need more robots, it needs more great thinkers. We have to train students who are able to evaluate the increasing abundance of information, recognize patterns and interpret them. I am concerned with the artistic visualization of data in order to be able to represent events."

    Developing one's own knowledge
    Prof Dr Crnokrak says of his role as a lecturer: "It is my job as a professor to promote a certain mind-set among my students; to develop their own interpretations of reality with the joy of experimentation and the ability to implement them artistically. It's about process-oriented thinking to understand mechanics and patterns. Knowledge can be downloaded. Developing one's own knowledge is the much more interesting approach."

    Design must be rethought in the digital age
    Prof Dr Crnokrak says of his subject: "We are currently dealing not only with an enormous amount of information, but also with a wide range of different types of information that can give us a picture of reality. We need to train students who are able to evaluate this wealth of information, recognize patterns and interpret them. I am concerned with the visualization of data based on certain patterns in order to be able to represent events with design."

    Give and take
    Design is alive: "We, as artists, must free ourselves from structures and the constant desire to create values in order to give more space to the sense of wonder. That's what I try to do in my work as a lecturer: it's a winning process, a give and take. Since I rather use experimental methods, I also take a lot with me from the students."

    Study Visual & Experience Design
    In the Visual & Experience Design Master's programme, students learn how design can be adapted to the needs of society in times of increasing digitalization and technologization. The focus is on creating holistic and impressive visual experiences in digital space, from apps and websites to products, services and even artistic installations. Experience refers to the user's experience as he interacts with a digital product, from usability to actual use. The focus of every effort is always the human being, not the product. Visual & Experience Design is already being traded as the future contemporary design.

    Thus, the field of activity of Visual & Experience Designers revolves around the narration of visual narratives and the creation of interactive experiences. It ranges from classical and digital design such as photography, typography or book printing to the development of brand identities and innovation management. Visual & Experience Designers qualify for professions in the areas of Brand Design, Experience Design, Service Design, Strategic Consulting, Creative Direction, Product Development as well as for work in research centres.

    In addition to classical and digital design, students at UE acquire skills in the use of various tools, product strategy and corporate identity and are able to make well-founded design decisions between creative, commercial and economic aspects. In addition, an individual research project is part of the first semester, with which participation in international competitions and design marathons are expressly desired.

    To find out why UE is one of the most exciting teaching venues in Europe for Prof Dr Peter Crnokrak and how he promotes the analytical and creative talents of his students, please visit: www.ue-stories.com

  • UE Stories: Constantin

    UE Stories: Constantin

    Fast Focus Adventurer

    Constantin holds a bachelor's degree in photography from University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE). Today, he is a freelance bicycle and travel photographer. He says that during his studies, he came into contact with many people who inspired and supported him:

    "In retrospect, I really appreciate the freedom offered by studying at UE. The professors and lecturers give the students the space to develop individually. There is no uniform teaching."

    After the training into the study
    Constantin first completed an apprenticeship as a media designer, but then discovered that an office job was not good enough for him: "At some point, that simply wasn't enough for me anymore. When I decided to study photography, my parents fortunately gave me a lot of support".

    Constantin had always been privately involved with photography, but he says his studies opened his eyes: "I learned more about photography than I could have imagined. It's not enough just to have a feeling for the right moment and the right picture - you also need a trained eye."

    Arrived at your destination
    Constantin arrived at bicycle photography for his final thesis topic, stating: "I rode a demanding route through France on my bicycle alone and took landscape photos. It was cold, wet, I was exhausted and the bike also caused problems. The fact that I kept this up has left its mark on me to this day". Today, he is a passionate bicycle photographer: "I can identify with my customers and projects. That's a great luxury in this industry - I appreciate that."

    There is a lot to do
    Constantin says that he has profited above all from having occupied a niche with bicycle photography: "I believe that young photographers currently have the best chances, alongside journalism, advertising and fashion.

    Studying photography
    ​Being a photographer means more than just pressing the shutter button. Choosing the right camera and lenses for each shot is just as important as understanding perspectives and lighting, photographic history and design theory, as well as the right look. In addition, there is a whole range of printing techniques ("Printen") and different camera models. In times of digitalisation, photographers are expected to be familiar with all kinds of tools for image processing and to be able to create the most diverse formats - the profession of the photographer today is much more diverse than a few years ago.

    From the work in a photo studio or occupying space in publishing house, to freelance work, the vocational field is as broadly varied as the task spectrum. There are many specializations, whether it be nature, portrait or event photography, or product photography in advertising or art. If you are a flexible photographer, there are many doors open to you.

    Students at the University of Applied Sciences Europe learn to work with analogue and digital cameras, as well as the classic craft of photo development in the darkroom and printing. In addition, there are courses in cinematography, design, image processing, composition, colouring, printing, lighting and media law. This means all-rounders are able to successfully gain a foothold in every field of photography. Thanks to the international environment of the university, the bachelor's degree can be completed in both German and English, and the master's degree is offered exclusively in English.

    At the end of their studies, graduates have the necessary technical know-how to produce and process professional photographs, as well as a sharp eye for details and image compositions, and for optical effects. Paired with a feeling for the right moment and the right location, they can shoot a successful photo with any camera.

    It all began with his studies at UE - you can find out how Constantin's story continued at: www.ue-stories.com

  • Lecturers exchange with OCADU

    Lecturers exchange with OCADU

    In the winter semester 2019/20, there will be an exchange of lecturers with the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCADU) in Toronto. The photography professor Walter Bergmoser of the University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) in Berlin will swap workplaces with professor Peter Sramek of the OCADU for one semester. The two institutions have been student mobility/exchange partners for a number of years, but this is the first opportunity for an exchange of faculty.

    At OCADU, Professor Bergmoser will take over the courses Face Forward and Digital Practices in the programme Photography. In Berlin, Professor Peter Sramek will teach both Bachelor and Master students.

    Professor Walter Bergmoser is a German artist, photographer and professor based in Berlin. He visualizes emotions and wants to show the best side of a person both in his artwork and in portrait photography. "Art is part of our lives, it is research, it is choice, it is beauty, it shows us how to live".

    Professor Peter Sramek studied photography with Minor White at the MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts and has been teaching photography at the OCADU Faculty of Art since 1976. He has held many administrative positions, including program director, assistant and associate dean, and vice dean at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Prof. Peter Sramek's art practice includes photography, artist books, hand binding, digital media and installation.

    Both professors are excited to be undertaking this exchange opportunity which will enrich student experience and build international links at both institutions.

  • Alumni in the current ZEIT Magazine

    Alumni in the current ZEIT Magazine

    Our graduates: Louise Amelie Müller and Aljaž Fuis in the current ZEIT magazine

    Louise Amelie Müller & Aljaž Fuis graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Europe with a bachelor's degree in photography in the winter semester of 2018. In the Re: Bachelor + Master exhibition, they presented their joint project "Sole Harlem".

    With their project they not only inspired their professors and numerous guests at the exhibition, but also the jury for the LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2018. Their photo book "Sole Harlem" was awarded for its international and intercultural work.

    Thanks to their success, our two alumni’s joint project was also published in the ZEIT magazine.

    You can read the whole article in the ZEIT Magazine here.

    We congratulate Louise Amelie Müller & Aljaž Fuis on their contribution to the Zeit Magazine and wish them continued success in their work as photographers.

  • UE Stories: Lea

    UE Stories: Lea

    Magic Motion Master

    Lea holds a bachelor's degree in Film + Motion Design from the University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) and now works successfully as an Animation Artist for a Berlin agency.

    "There is really a lot of emphasis on practice. As a student, you quickly gain project experience and many contacts."

    Developing your own creativity on the job as well
    Her agency is often concerned with explaining products or using visuals to draw attention to them: "The demand for moving images is naturally huge due to social media." Lea prefers to make 2D animations, which also flow into her own projects: "I find it particularly exciting when I go beyond the real and can conceive and implement my own creatures and stories.

    Finding my own way
    Lea originally comes from the country and moved to Berlin for her studies at UE: "In the beginning, two worlds collided for me. But right from the start I felt I was in good hands at the university. It also helped that my parents trusted me and supported me, even though for a long time they didn't know exactly what I was doing during my studies. But when they came to Berlin for the bachelor's exhibition, they really liked it."

    Self-discovery during my studies
    "My studies opened up ways to the most diverse possibilities and the most diverse projects. It definitely pays off to develop your own style." Lea says she was particularly impressed by her lecturers: "I found it really exciting that all my professors were artists themselves. They are taken seriously because they know what they are talking about.

    Good chances on the job market
    Lea says that her field of work is so diverse that she is always looking for new workers: "There are very different techniques and approaches. Of course, what is in demand at the moment also changes. As the industry continues to develop, there will always be new demands."

    Semester abroad included
    "I spent a semester in Toronto during my studies. The context was completely different for me. There, they worked a lot with spatial installations. I attended the OCAD University (Ontario College of Art & Design), a large international and extremely renowned university. I couldn't have afforded a semester there - but as a partner university of UE, I could study there for a semester free of charge."

    Study Film + Motion Design
    Motion Design combines many different types of design and has become indispensable in the film and advertising industry. Motion designers develop not only characters and animations, but also matching stories.

    The interplay of moving image and sound has fascinated people since the first Disney productions in the late 1920s at the latest and is now not only important for the entertainment industry, but also for companies and advertising agencies. Social media such as Facebook and YouTube have provided an additional boost in recent years. Today, Film + Motion designers create their moving audio-visual content in areas such as marketing, publishing, corporate design, but also in the classic entertainment industry such as film, television and games.

    The course therefore contains elements from illustration, photography, sound and film. It works with classical and modern moving image instruments, but not only the technical skills are trained. In addition to working with Photoshop, Illustrator and other relevant tools, creativity is encouraged and design is taught. Due to the diversity of the professional field, the course at UE prepares students for cooperation with technicians, engineers, programmers, but also with copywriters and marketing departments.

    In addition to practical skills, students are also taught knowledge of media law, project management and project costing in order to assert themselves on the job market. The graduates prepare themselves for the mostly independent work as freelancers or independent motion designers with their own agency. After completing their studies, graduates will be able to master a wide range of professional techniques and will thus be ideally placed to meet the demands of the job market.

    See more of Lea’s Story at www.ue-stories.com.

  • Successful Bachelor Exhibition at Campus Berlin

    Successful Bachelor Exhibition at Campus Berlin

    On Friday, 12 July 2019, the vernissage of the summer and bachelor exhibition of the Art & Design department at the University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) took place at campus Berlin.

    In addition to the exhibition, the bachelor graduates were awarded with their degree certificates in a festive ceremony. There, our lecturers awarded prizes for the best bachelor theses for each degree programme. Two of the honorees were Mònica Bussmann from communication design and Lydia Hansen from photography.

    During the evening tour and bachelor exhibition under the motto “From A – B”, bachelor graduates and students from all courses had the opportunity to exhibit their best works from recent months. In a day-long preparation, the students transformed the lower floors of the Berlin campus into a hands-on exhibition. Visitors, including family and friends of the graduates, could explore the unique works. True to the motto "From A - B", the exhibited works dealt with the topic of how we develop from point A to point B, while at the same time taking with us our accumulated experience on the way from A to B.

    We congratulate all bachelor graduates on the completion of their studies!

    Beforehand, our bachelor graduate Anna Nurmela gave us an interview here. Also, Mònica Bussmann, Lydia Hansen and our lecturer for photography professor Michael Danner let you have a closer look at their works and thoughts regarding the exhibition here.