• Virtual Bachelor exhibition: CONNECTING WORLDS

    Virtual Bachelor exhibition: CONNECTING WORLDS

    The University of Europe for Applied Sciences invites friends, family, relatives and colleagues of the Art and Design Faculty to a virtual exhibition and a live vernissage on the 16th July 2021 starting at 6 pm.

    Collect—move—discover—view—open—notice—come into a dialogue—be part of—interact—connect worlds

    On the following site, archiv.ue-germany.com/exhibition, around 62 bachelor theses from the summer semester will be presented, from both the Berlin and Hamburg campuses of the Faculty of Art & Design.

    After years of intensive study together, the graduates are treading new paths in life that have not been trodden before. Thus, in the summer of 2021, the virtual exhibition platform visualises this transformation of life paths from studying to work, or to the start of academic careers, or to amazing excursions – the exhibition connects these different paths. The last year has been extraordinary and has marked a new sense of togetherness. With the experiences gained and valuable encounters along unexpected forms of communication, the students have arrived in the now. With the passion to create and the trust in the self and an idea of community, the exhibition — with the motto CONNECTING WORLDS – looks into an extremely promising future through multi-layered works that artistically illuminate social, political and very personal themes.



    Friday, 16/07/2021

    - Ceremony / Handover Bachelor certificates: 6 pm (CEST)

    - 'Live Vernissage' starts at 7 pm (CEST)



    Alexander Krämer, Ali Abdullah, Anna Pöhlmann, Anna-Lena Kudritzki, Annelie Kebschull, Annighöfer Ninja, Annika Becker, Ayan Sanyal, Benoît Sauthier, Charlene Riebel, Charlotte Apel, Charmaine T Zand, Clara Graß, Daria Fernandez Dagach, Elena Victoria Gonzalez Navarro, Elisabeth Antosljak, Emily Falkenhof, Eric Staici, Eva Röhlsberger, Ezbah Ali, Felina Borchard, Friederike Heuer, Gevindu Kodithuwakku, Giovanna Formenti, Helena Nowotnick, Inka Buhk, Ira Dorsch, Iris Birke, Isabel Steudel, Isabel Von Der Ahe, Julian Schwickert, Kantatach Kijtikhun, Kyra Falkenhagen, Leonard Behre, Leonie Jia, Liana Samira Justus, Lilly Bremer, Lorenz Weiland, Martin Hänsch, Max Prothmann, Max Ritter, Maximilian Pichler, Meike Wahnschap, Miguel Monzon Garcia, Nicola Grassia, Norhane Helmy Abbas, Philipp Schmitz, Rabi Shehu, Roger Wang, Sarah Grethe, Sebastian Garcia Munoz, Sebastian Schrag, Sofia Valdes, Sophia-Carlotta Parisel, Sophie Eilers, Stephanie Ibanez, Tessa Bähnke, Thilo Hüser, Tom Chalancon, Victoria Mayr, William Jiachen Ye, Yannik Niffeler



    Since the Rundgänge cannot take place physically at the locations as usual, the Department of Art & Design has joined forces and launched the Digital Publishing Platform in summer 2020 to present the final year projects. 

    In this special graduation year, a group of UE students and alumni have now joined the research project for the third time under the direction of the artistic-scientific staff members Evelyn Solinski and Steffen Klaue as well as Prof. Dr. Lauritz Lipp and the project manager Rana Öztürk. Together with students Amit Heyman, Jacqueline Shanice Ludwig and Pia Roespel and UE alumni Dennis Josek and Alexander Morosow, an innovative platform was further developed that explores the ways of digital publishing. The virtual exhibition CONNECTING WORLDS became the motto for a project implemented at a time when space as well as movements within it were being rethought. The sustainable design of visualising a sense of togetherness through exhibitions, publications as well as dialogue and making projects readable will be re-examined.

    Bachelor's theses from the degree programmes Film & Motion Design B.A., Photography B.A., Illustration B.A., Game Design B.A., Communication Design B.A. will be shown. 

    The exhibition opening will be live and interactive in Zoom for family, friends and university members. With the help of students Frauke Dicker and Emma Wohnsiedler, a curated live stream will be accessible to the public from all over the world at archiv.ue-germany.com/exhibition.

    Furthermore, the Alma del Banco Award will be presented for the fifth time by the FORUM FÜR KÜNSTLERNACHLÄSSE (FKN) in recognition of the best Bachelor's thesis in the Faculty of Art & Design in Hamburg. The FKN is dedicated to the promotion of art, the cultivation and preservation of cultural values and the support of artists in Hamburg and northern Germany. 

    The renowned jury members from the fields of art, culture and design are Dr. Catherine Colas, Edith Jaspers, Andreas Trampe.

    We are pleased that the BA EXHIBITION will take place in virtual spaces and cordially invite you to interact and view.


    With the continuing platform ArchivUE, an innovative, cross-location and technically sophisticated archive has been created in which all the final theses of the students of the Department of Art & Design are collected and presented in the long term. In addition to an exhibition architecture dedicated to the topic, the platform will be expanded in the future to include an AI-supported and intelligent search function.

    The expansion of the collection from previous semesters, as well as student works that have emerged from work with renowned cooperation partners and special works that have won national or international awards, is planned for 2021.


    Save the Date for our Master graduates


    Friday, 20/08/2021

    Live Vernissage: 6 pm (CEST)

  • Coming Soon: UE Innovation Hub

    Coming Soon: UE Innovation Hub

    We are thrilled to announce that we are opening our first UE Innovation Hub – just 25 minutes away from Berlin‘s city centre!

    The modern and spacious building next to the SAP Think Campus provides the perfect setting for technology-driven and future-orientated Bachelor's and Master's programmes:

    Business & Digital Engineering

    BSc in Digital Media & Marketing
    BSc in Digital Business and Data Science *
    BSc in Software Engineering *

    MSc in Data Science *
    MSc in Software Engineering *
    MBA in Technology/Innovation

    Art & Design

    BA in UX/UI Design *
    BA in Digital Product Management *
    MA in Creative Computing *
    MA in Innovation Design Management
    MA in Visual & Experience Design

    * [Accreditation in preparation]

    The courses that will be offered at the UE Innovation Hub have been created to combine the latest tools and technologies with creative design solutions. The aim is to provide our students with a unique skillset that will give them an advantage in the international, competitive job market.

    Applications will be open for the winter semester 2021.

    Official address:
    UE Innovation Hub
    @Think Campus
    Konrad-Zuse-Ring 11
    14469 Potsdam

  • Information and updates: Coronavirus

    FAQs German Bureaucracy

    If you have any questions, please use email service.center@ue-germany.de.

    Applications for new bridging loans for our students must now be submitted to the Studentenwerk Potsdam, starting in November and ending in March. Applications are open to both German students and those from abroad who are enrolled at state and state-recognised higher education institutions in Germany. Depending on proven need, students can receive between 100 and 500 euros as non-repayable grants.

    BAföG-Entitled Students can receive BAföG for one more Semester

    Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) Hotline:

    Phone: 0800 26 23 003 (only available from Germany)

    E-mail: ueberbrueckungshilfe-studierende@bmbf.bund.de


    UE would like to inform you about the current status at the university following developments in the COVID-19 situation in Germany:

    We are in daily contact with relevant local authorities and continuously update our on campus hygiene and safety measures based on their guidelines.

    Berlin: From Monday (November 2, 2020) lectures in all three departments will generally be held in an online format. You will be informed of any exceptions by your course director or lecturer. Practice formats in the Art & Design department will continue to be held in compliance with hygiene measures. You can find the updated hygiene measures below. Our campus, including the library and cafeteria, will remain open for students from Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm. (Library opening times: 10am – 4pm, cafeteria opening time: 8am – 4pm)

    Hamburg: From Wednesday (December 16, 2020) lectures in all three departments will generally be held in an online format. You will be informed of any exceptions by your course director or lecturer. Practice formats in the Art & Design department will continue to be held in compliance with hygiene measures. Our campus will remain open for you as students. 

    In order to avoid unnecessary waiting times in the services (Examination Office, International Office, Career Centre, etc.) and group formations on campus in the current situation, please make an appointment in advance by e-mail or telephone.

    When visiting the campus, please adhere to the present hygiene measures and the general AHA rules for your own protection and the protection of your fellow human beings.

    If you feel unwell, have the typical symptoms of corona, or if you are entering Germany from a foreign risk area and have not fulfilled the 14-day quarantine, you are not permitted to enter the campus. In this case, we will support you via the online campus with all the necessary information about your studies and provide you with digital assistance as usual. Many thanks for your cooperation!

    For all those who cannot come to the campus for health reasons and for all those who have not yet been able to enter Germany, teaching is completely live and digital. The UE thus enables further study without any loss of time. For this purpose, we have formulated a so-called UE Study Guarantee for our students.


    Here you can find our hygiene rules and protection concepts:

    Hygiene Rules on Campus

    Protection Concept Campus Berlin

    Protection Concept Campus Hamburg

    Protection Concept Campus Iserlohn

    What should I do in case of infection?

  • Alma del Banco Prize winter semester 2020/21

    Alma del Banco Prize winter semester 2020/21

    For the fourth time, the Alma del Banco Prize has been awarded by the Forum für Künstlernachlässe Hamburg (FKN) in recognition of the best bachelor's thesis of the department Art & Design at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE). The FKN, which has existed in Hamburg since 2003, has always tried to support graduates of Hamburg art schools whilst also preserving artists' estates. For more than ten years, the FKN has offered a studio scholarship at Künstlerhaus Sootbörn, regularly participated in the Forum exhibitions, and has now presented this award. The award is associated with important Hamburg artists.

    Alma del Banco was born in Hamburg in 1863. Although she was a founding member of the "Hamburg Secession" in 1919, she had to endure exclusion from the Hamburg Artists' Association in 1933 because of her Jewish roots. In addition, in 1937 her works were confiscated from the Hamburg Kunsthalle as part of the Nazi exhibition campaign, "Degenerate Art". In 1943, Alma del Banco ended her life in Hamburg after receiving the deportation order.   

    Jury (left to right)

    Andy Heller was born in Augsburg and lives in Berlin. Andy has studied photography at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design College University, Farnham, Great Britain (BA (Hons) Photography 1999) as well as fine arts in the Photography department at the Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig, with Prof. Joachim Brohm (Diploma 2004, Master Student 2006). Since then, Andy has been a freelance artist and has held exhibitions in Germany and abroad. In 2002, Andy started working as a picture editor (DIE ZEIT, ZEIT Geschichte, DUMMY, dekoder.org and others). In 2011, she got involved in exhibition conception and curation (producer gallery LORIS 2011-2017); after this she went freelance.

    Emmanuel Mir was born in Toulon (F) and is the director of the Landesbüro für Bildende Kunst (LaB K). LaB K is an institution of the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia, which offers an extensive programme for the professionalisation and consultation of visual artists*. Emmanuel Mir first studied art at the Düsseldorf Art Academy and became a master student of David Rabinowitch. Later, he studied art history in Düsseldorf, where he received his doctorate on the function of art in private sector organisations. Before joining LaB K, he was a lecturer in art history at various universities in North Rhine-Westphalia, curated exhibitions and published texts on art and the sociology of art in specialist journals and catalogues. Independent publications include: "Das outgesourcte Museum" (2006), "Petites Résistances - Rebellion as an Art Form" (2013), "Kunst Unternehmen Kunst" (2014).

    Ayhan Salar was born in Izmir/Turkey and has lived in Germany since 1973. He studied social pedagogy in Bremen (diploma 1989) as well as cultural studies, art history and philosophy (1989-1992) at the University of Bremen. After this, he went on to study free visual arts (film) at the HfK Bremen (diploma 1997). In 2005 and 2006, Ayhan held a lectureship at the HfK Bremen. In 2018, he became a curator at the Altona Museum. Since 1991, he has been working on numerous international films as a producer, writer, director and image designer. Ayhan is also a member of the European Film Academy. Photo: Salar, Ayhan by_Orhan_Simsek

  • Virtual Bachelor and Master exhibition: WE MISS GETTING LOST

    Virtual Bachelor and Master exhibition: WE MISS GETTING LOST

    WE MISS GETTING LOST – the University of Europe for Applied Sciences invites you to a virtual exhibition on 12th February 2021 at 6 pm. At exhibition.ue-germany.com, around 190 projects from the Berlin and Hamburg campuses of the Faculty of Art & Design from the winter semester 20/21. The multi-facetted works highlight relevant societal, social, political and artistic topics. The exhibition opening will be live and interactive.


    Save the Date 



    Friday, 12th February 2021

    Interactive Live Vernissage: 6 pm 


    Design & Keyvisual

    Amit Heyman, Teona Kokhodze, Miguel Ribeiro Da Saude (1st phase)


    Since the "Rundgänge" cannot take place physically at the campuses as usual, the Faculty of Art & Design has coordinated all its efforts to bring the new Digital Publishing Platform to life, to present the final work, in the summer of 2020. In this special graduation year, a group of UE students and alumni have now joined this research project for the second time, under the direction of the artistic-scientific researchers Evelyn Solinski and Steffen Klaue as well as Prof. Dr. Lauritz Lipp and project manager Rana Öztürk. Together with the students Amit Heyman, Teona Kokhodze, Jannis Lange, Pia Roespel and Luisa Wilhelmsen as well as UE alumni Dennis Josek and Alexander Morosow, an innovative platform has been developed that explores the ways of digital publishing. WE MISS GETTING LOST became the motto for a project implemented at a time when space, as well as movement within it, are being rethought. The sustainable design of visual possibilities of unity through exhibitions, publication as well as dialogue and making projects readable are being rediscovered.

    Bachelor's and Master's projects from the study programmes Film & Motion Design B.A., Photography B.A., Illustration B.A., Game Design B.A., Communication Design B.A., Photography M.A., Media Spaces M.A., Visual & Experience Design M.A., Innovation Design Management M.A. will be shown.

  • Anne-Christin Plate wins “The Power of the Arts”-Award

    Anne-Christin Plate wins “The Power of the Arts”-Award

    Our UE-Lecturer and Research Associate Anne-Christin Plate, was recently announced as the winner of "The Power of the Arts" Award for her project idea "sexability", together with the Thikwa Werkstätten

    Ann-Christin's project "sexability" addresses the diversity and reality of sexuality from the perspective of people with so-called disabilities as a contribution to an inclusive society. In an artistic creative process involving people with and without disabilities, an animated film was developed that informs, enlightens and breaks down social taboos in a sensitive way.

    The jurors of the award said: "sexability finds ways to break down taboos and myths related to the sexuality of people with disabilities. The animated film as an artistic medium is suitable to deal with the topic in an artistic high-quality way - vividly and enlightening, but without showing off. An important project that makes an essential contribution to participation and inclusion."

    The Power of the Arts is an initiative of Philip Morris GmbH in cooperation with the International Giving Foundation of the Deutsches Stiftungszentrum im Stifterverband, Netzwerk Junge Ohren e. V. and BOROS. Since 2017, it has awarded annual grants totalling €200,000 to projects that use culture to promote social and cultural equality whilst also breaking down barriers to promote understanding among all people.

    With the funding, The Power of the Arts supports professional and social participation as well as educational opportunities and strengthens economic opportunities in Germany. Projects and initiatives from the fields of music, theatre, art, dance, literature, film and applied arts are eligible. An independent jury consisting of people from the arts, the cultural environment and academia selects the projects.

    Congratulations Anne-Christin!

  • Game and interaction designers are on the rise and are looking to create more social interaction

    Game and interaction designers are on the rise and are looking to create more social interaction

    While the pandemic is driving many professions to ruin, it is giving the gaming industry an immense boom. While gaming may not be understood as pure game development, the industry has been able to expand to include equipment for digital spaces. But what about when social contact is limited? Exchange of ideas and thoughts seems almost impossible. Yet virtual children's birthday parties, cooking classes, exhibitions and trade fairs are being created; physical distance does not necessarily mean social distance.

    This is where interaction designers, together with game designers, are called upon to create concepts for the new online gatherings. Events where many people come together digitally not only help people to stay in touch with family, friends or colleagues during a lockdown, but are often also more functional and a nicer way to interact with.

  • Vonovia Award

    Vonovia Award

    We are so proud to announce that our photography student Andra Schnebbe has been nominated for the Vonovia Award, in the category Young Talent. The Vonovia Award is the most prestigious photography awards in Germany.

    Congratulations Andra!

    About Andra's project:  "For me, family is only a small part of my life. Important members are my grandma Ute, my older sister Tara and my mum Uta. Without them I would have no family. However, I also have a total of six cousins, a stepsister, stepmother, uncle, aunts, grandma, grandpa and a father. I only see them once or twice a year, though, because we’re not very close.

    I have the deepest, most emotional and strongest connection with my mum. That's why I want to do this series together with my mum. I will focus on what we have already experienced together as well as how similar we look even though we’re still different. All pictures will all be taken from the same camera angle: eye level to the model, 90 degree angle and landscape format. To brighten up the rooms, I will use a softbox and bounce the flash off the ceiling. 

    I got the idea when I gave a presentation on Julia Fullerton-Batten‘s series "Mothers and Daughters".

    Through my series I want to express that everyone has someone in their family who they are close to and who is more important than anyone else.  I also want to express that my mum is my anchor in my family and that without her I have no family feeling."

  • U_Electric talks: The future of the digital identity

    U_Electric talks: The future of the digital identity

    Stepping into the tradition of pitch presentation formats such as “Pecha Cucha”, “Lightning Talks” and “Nerd Nite”, UE is introducing a new virtual format: U_Electric talks.

    Starting this summer term, every semester five interdisciplinary talks will be conducted on topics including the digital society, artificial intelligence and business, creative arts and technology as well as innovation and the next generation digital learning environment.

    Inventive spirit and curiosity at UE drive us to explore, unite cross-disciplinary knowledge and to offer research topics to a public audience. 

    The talks and Q&A sessions will last 15 minutes each and will be held by UE professors and expert guests. They will also be live-streamed via the UE Facebook channel.


    10 June 2020 – Prof. Katharina Mayer | Rana Öztürk (UE Berlin)
    Analog deceleration and digital compression

    The coronavirus has forced us into quarantine and home offices which has made us reassess the value of silence. This drastic event is used in many areas to think about reforms and raises questions about one's own identity in relation to the (digital) world. In our U_Electric Talk series we think about the future of digital identity and open a discourse with colleagues and guests who talk about their findings in 15-minute live streams.

    15 June 2020 – Guest: Horst Wackerbarth
    Questions about digital and analog authenticity

    "I am afraid that I can contribute little to nothing on the subject. The future of digital identity may be for people's communication and play a practical role but not for me as an artist ...All attempts to establish the red couch as an avatar, as an alter ego on the Internet I have consistently refused. Images on the monitor do not return my view and become interchangeable and arbitrary. The original image belongs in the hand and on the wall, framed, on paper, in the book and in the exhibition. This is the only way the silent image enters into a dialogue with the viewer...The creed for art: Instead of digital identity, prefer analog authenticity!"

    22 June 2020 – Guest: Dr. Emanuel Mir (State Office for Visual Arts from NRW, Cologne, Münster)
    Digital identity from the deficit of the real world

    When artists deal with the modes of communication and content of social media, they mostly pursue two main concerns: either they want to draw attention to themselves and use the digital possibilities to market and establish their work, or they dismantle the rules and the logic of the said social medias to expose their manipulative mechanisms. In the first case, the artist builds a digital identity out of a deficit in the "real" world, in the second case he acts as a watchful observer in a general social-media development, its knitting cases (self-stylisation, "mission-consciousness ", Egotrip, etc.) he parodied them.

    29 June 2020 – Prof. Dr. Iris Lorscheid
    Dark Data. - Stories about the potentials and risks of data

    Worldwide we collect far more data than we can process. Large amounts of so-called "dark data" therefore slumber in our servers. New perspectives and the continuous development of new analysis methods direct our attention to dark data, which can also reach far into the past. This leads to many fears, but also holds great potential - not only from a business perspective. The talk discusses which paths dark data have already taken and which they might still take.

    13 July 2020 – Prof. Dr. Jiré Gözen
    In the digital space

    Since its formation as an independent scientific discipline, media science has dealt with the changes, fragmentations and dissolution of identity and reality through new (media) technologies as well as the emergence of the individual and society in the digital space. The considerations developed in theory were among others taken up by the authors of Cyberpunk Science Fiction, artistically played through on the level of extrapolated future worlds and further developed. In my contribution, I would like to briefly present the reflections on digital identity that have arisen in order to subsequently question and discuss them in relation to the present.

    We look forward to your participation in our Facebook channel.

  • Jennifer Lang wins bronze at ADC competition

    Jennifer Lang wins bronze at ADC competition

    Graduate Jennifer Lang (Communication Design) wins bronze at this year's ADC competition with her final thesis "Renewal – Limitless Lifetime".


    “My bachelor project, "Renewal - Limitless Lifetime", questions the possible influence of speculative design on major economic, political and social processes of the future. The focus is on the field of human enhancement, which deals with any improvement and optimisation of the human being as a process. Can speculative design influence debates, discussions and decisions on future technologies?”


    “The organ trader renewal sells artificially produced organs. These organs are compatible with everyone and improve, as well as prolong, life. However, without a charge, paid for in the form of a monthly flat rate, the artificial organs would not work. The design aims to play with the imagination of the viewer. The organs are vacuum packed but despite their opaque packaging, they are still vividly recognisable. This leaves room for speculation.”


    “The interactive experience through Renewal allowed me to confront people with a potential vision of the future. The focus of the design was to present the organs in a futuristic and clearly recognisable way to arouse immediate interest. The appealing idea of improving and prolonging life should be a source of inspiration. The subscription model and the horrendous costs of the organs, on the other hand, were intended to shock people and encourage them to think and act.”

    Congratulations Jennifer Lang!

  • OPEN CALL - Digital publication platform for graduation works

    OPEN CALL - Digital publication platform for graduation works

    UE students, gain work experience and get a discount on your tuition fees!

    Join us for the development of a digital publication platform for student graduation works of the Art & Design faculty and a virtual exhibition at the beginning of August.

    We are looking for UE students who will closely work together with our advisors Evelyn Solinski and Steffen Klaue on the development of a WordPress website, where we will collect, archive, and present all graduation works from this semester onwards! 

    You may join the project team for one of 3 phases to design, code, collect, and edit data as well as for the post-production phase.

    You should be a student of the University of Applied Sciences Europe, available to work approximately 45h per month, and be a motivated and agile team player.

    Please upload your application in German or English here by May 27. Please attach:

    • Your CV
    • A brief motivational statement
    • 2 strong portfolio works + description (max. 1000 characters)

    You will receive € 450 as a partial reimbursement of your tuition fees in the month that you’re working on the project.

    For any questions please contact rana.oeztuerk@ue-germany.de.


    Phase 1: June
    2 Students | Design & Structure

    Phase 2: June + July
    3 Students | Technical Implementation

    Phase 3: July
    2 Students | Data Collection
    1 Student | Image Processing
    1 Student | Text Editing

    Website launch: Beginning of August


    Job descriptions

    Phase 1 | Design & Structure   


    • Transformation of design parameters from the Graduation Magazine into a Digital Publishing Platform 
    • Development of a name, structure, and visualisation 
    • Development of a navigation
    • 4-page template (overview, single view, highlighted view, contact/imprint, text page)
    • Close cooperation with the phase 2 working group - technical implementation


    • Team spirit 
    • Adobe InDesign
    • Passion for digital design 
    • Affinity to break new ground 

    Phase 2 | Implementation in Wordpress


    • Implementation of the digital publication platform in WordPress
    • Bilingual website DE/EN
    • Mobile + desktop responsive
    • Close cooperation with the design and editorial team


    • Experience in WordPress
    • Experience with page builders, e.g. Elementor
    • CSS and JS skills
    • Implementation of an ambitious team project in a short period of time

    Phase 3 | Data organisation


    • Continuous data retrieval and data collection
    • Data upload


    • Being organised
    • Archiving experience (preferred)

    Phase 3 | Image processing


    • Image processing
    • Color correction, retouching, picture cropping and sizing


    • Advanced experience in image processing
    • Aesthetic perception of images and compositions

    Phase 3 | Text editing


    • Continuous text retrieval and collection
    • Text editing
    • Text upload


    • Passion for languages and writing
    • German and English proficiency
    • Experience in text editing
  • Success story: STERN scholarship for photography graduate

    Success story: STERN scholarship for photography graduate

    Max Arens - one of our photography graduates from the winter semester 2019/2020 - has received the renowned one-year STERN scholarship. Every year, the STERN Editorial Office awards a scholarship to an outstanding photojournalist.

    His final project "Independencia" was supervised by Prof. Nina Röder and Prof. Gora Jain.

    In the future, Max will photograph portraits and reportages for STERN magazine.

    You can find his Instagram page here: @maxarens

    We congratulate Max on this achievement!

  • Good things can work - an excursion to the mouth and nose protection

    Good things can work - an excursion to the mouth and nose protection

    Art and design students at UE’s Hamburg campus are turning necessity into a virtue.

    After the introduction of compulsory masks in Germany last Monday, students of the Art and Design Department are working together as part of their typography course to produce fashionable masks. Led by Evelyn Solinski, this project is encompassing the motto "good things can work" and uses screen printing to create the masks.

    As a first step, the students - who work in small groups in the room in order to maintain hygiene measures - create motifs that reflect the current zeitgeist. In addition, the medium mask is examined for its characteristics and possibilities as a new fashionable product. The project is also an interdisciplinary project in cooperation with Prof. Heike Ollertz and the students of her Applied Image Strategies course.

    Part of the course is, among other things, the implementation of a web shop www.corona-hub.net, where the masks have been sold since 1 May 2020.

    The 13 students (Sophie Berg, Miguel Ribeiro Da Saude, Marcia Estevez Trautner, Antonia Albert, Erika Görz, Christopher Kauerauf, Schengi Ali, Tosca Mumme, Janne Studt, Louisa Jürgensen, Linda Schmied, Aiym Imangaliyeva and Toni Feldtmann) are supported by the shop Mahler Stoffe, which provides the fabrics.

    UPDATE: Donation activity

    Wednesday, 27 May 2020 was our donation day. The students, Tosca Mumme, Louisa Jürgensen and David Kern made appointments with the Bahnhofsmission and the Elbschlosskeller to hand over the solidarity masks. Since the lockdown, the Elbschlosskeller has been turned from a bar into a soup kitchen to support those in need.

    The initiative was started and organised in the Art and Design department based on an idea by Britta Leusing (Chancellor of UE) and the support of Campus Manager Gerrit Neukam (Hamburg). Subsequently, students from all faculties came together and worked on the production of the masks with the help of sponsorship by mahler.stoffe and the space provided by Christian Pfaff's gallery (Kunstraum OBERFETT).

    During this process, the students were actively involved in the development of an artwork in the Typography course taught by Evelyn Solinski, the implementation in screen printing, the conception of a web shop in the Applied Image Strategies course taught by Prof. Heike Ollertz as well as the production using sewing machines and the distribution. The students got to realise a concept with solidary commitment in a practical way.

    The skills of all departments (Art and Design, Sports, Media and Event and Business) find a dynamic symbiosis and strength in this project. "For every mask sold, one is donated to the needy" is the concept of the initiative GOOD THINGS CAN WORK. This makes it possible to donate masks produced with careful manual work to the needy. The donations take place simultaneously with the production process. As soon as a certain number of masks have been sold, the students plan the donation campaign.

  • Competition won: A university - a book

    Competition won: A university - a book

    We are very happy to announce that UE has won the competition "A university - a book" with its project: "The UE reads The Arrival of Shaun Tan"! The competition was announced by the Stifterverband and the Klaus Tschira Foundation in cooperation with the ZEIT publishing house. A panel of participants from the fields of culture, science and civil society selected ten universities, each of which will receive €10,000 in funding. The aim of the competition is to get all members of a university talking about a selected book and excited about a common theme.

    UE’s Application
    The UE application, coordinated by Dr. Thomas Gerdes, was prepared by a team of employees and students from all departments at the Hamburg site. Our competition entry, the graphic novel “The Arrival” by the Australian artist and writer Shaun Tan, was selected through a survey of all university members. In our application, we proposed a diverse programme of projects and events. These include photography and art projects, discussion events, reading groups, workshops and celebrations with refugees. We are also planning a cooperative project with the University of Hong Kong.

    Our application video will give you the best impression of the project. A detailed description can be found on the website of the Stifterverband.

    The Project
    The implementation of the project is financed with the €10,000 prize money and will take place in the winter semester 2020/21 and in the summer semester 2021. In the coming weeks, a project team will work out the detailed plan of the programme with a calendar of events and a detailed project description; these will then be published on the UE website as soon as possible.

    We would like to thank all students and staff members who supported the UE application, especially Prof. Dr. Jiré Gözen and Thessa Bähnke, who proposed “The Arrival” as UE’s contribution. Together with Prof. Dr. Angela Harre and Prof. Christian Meyer zu Ermgassen, both of them also made an important contribution to the application. A very special thank you goes to René Scharton for creating the application video!

    If you have any questions about the project or are interested in working with us, please contact Dr. Thomas Gerdes: thomas.gerdes@ue-germany.com

  • Current online exhibition by Prof. Matthias Leupold

    Current online exhibition by Prof. Matthias Leupold

    In the black-and-white series "Female beauty - 38 Open air studies" from 1995 Prof. Matthias Leupold refers to an illustrated book (Die Schönheit der Frauen) which achieved high print runs in Germany and France at the beginning of the 20th century. The online show features all 38 studies.

    24 - 29 April 2020

    To the online exhibition