• International Office

International Office

You have the choice: Europe, North America, Africa or rather Asia? The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE)’s international focus holds many benefits for you as student for example the posibility to complete a semester abroad at one of our partner universities. The International Office is always there by your side to help dealing with all the matters you'll be confronted with regarding your international adventure. 

Especially for you as designers and your future career, a semester abroad and/or an international experience are fundamental. You'll not only be able to broaden your horizons and learn all kinds of new things, but also discover sides of you you'd never even believed exist. To make sure, you can unfold your creativity and get the most out of your stay, our International Office supports you not just to find the perfect university but also throughout all the time before, during, and after your semester abroad. 

If you are interested in the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) Summer School, the International Office is also your contact point.