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Before Application

What is Erasmus+?

The Erasmus+ programme is the most successful exchange programme in Europe. Students and professionals can receive financial support during their stays abroad.

Who can participate in Erasmus+ mobility?

The programme can be taken advantage of by professors as well as administrative staff of University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE). Both freelance workers and the permanently employed are welcome.

Where can I go?

Employees can attend their stays abroad at one of our partner institutions, other Erasmus+ institutions or regular european institutions.

How long should my stay be?

Normally University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) staff members can receive support for two to five days.

How much does the support amount to?

Erasmus does not offer full financial coverage. Under regular circumstances, an amount of 500 Euro can be granted.
The Erasmus funding depends on the distance, country and duration of stay. The table can be found on page 40 of the Erasmus guideline. University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) normally won’t be able to cover the entire costs, but only offers financial support.

What can my stay abroad look like?


  • at an Erasmus institution in Europe
  • e.g. lectures, workshops, participation in International Days
  • min. two days away and eight hours of teaching per week

Advanced training

  • at an institution (e.g. language school, institution for continued education) or Erasmus school in Europe
  • e.g. sitting in on lectures, networking, participation in workshops or seminars
  • min. two days


How do I apply for Erasmus+ mobility?

The following documents (please see downloads) must be handed in:

  • application form
  • approval from your superior
  • employees with a holding contract: confirmation of your occupation at University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) (can be requested from HR)
What are the criteria for selection?
  • Motivation of the employee
  • Practicability and purpose
  • Advantage for the university