• Leaves of Grass – BA 2014 – Dominik Fleischmann

    "Leaves of Grass" by: Dominik Fleischmann

  • Fotografie an der BTK

    "Seeing is not Believing" by: Camilla Storgaard

  • Phototriennale in Hamburg

  • Fotografie an der BTK

    "Heading South-East" by: Lynn Theisen

  • Fotoworkshop in Beirut

    Photo-Workshop in Beirut with Matthias Leupold


Photography Bachelor of Arts*

Pictures say more than words: the bachelor for passionate photographers

* Accreditation in preparation due to new bachelor reform.

We are in a cultural and historical period in which our society is surrounded and influenced by a wealth of photography like never before. We see it as our task to give students an understanding of the visual and technical skills necessary to understand, critically question, and reflect on different visual languages. Understanding the medium of photography and its conscious use are therefore indispensable not only in art, but also in advertising and editorial work.

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) has a pioneering study programme in this field. We were among the first German private universities to establish a photography programme. During your studies, you’ll familiarise yourself with and try out various photographic genres, such as portrait, fashion, art, and documentary.

Our university focuses on your development. That's why we teach in small learning groups and in a friendly and personal atmosphere. We’ll oversee your individual development process and help you define your talents and strengths, while helping you develop your own visual signature. You will be taught by renowned photographers and study at a campus that is centrally located, equipped with the latest technology (photo studio, print & scan lab, dark room, camera equipment, MacPools, etc.), and that is known for its international and English-speaking character.

Our aim is to help students develop an individual photographic attitude and an independent position to give them the courage to experiment, cross borders and become aware of their social and societal responsibility as photographers. During the course of their studies, students can choose from various genres of photography such as documentary, staged, applied or artistic photography. The course of study is open to all students and also offers the option of taking interdisciplinary electives in other programmes. In addition to imparting theoretical and practical knowledge, our support not only for internal university projects but also for external exhibition projects plays an important role.