Game Design

Bachelor degree for creative minds in Berlin and Hamburg - private and state-approved

“The game industry is growing and so is the need for professionals in this field. With the focus on Game Design, Game Art and Game Programming the courses of Game Design at UE offer all that is needed for a successfull start as a Game Designer .” Prof. Habakuk Israel

Computer games are the fitting medium for the digital world around us. To shape them is the skill-set of the future. Games are personal expression and depiction of a networked global mindset, and they are also great fun! We at University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) are aware of the artistic and cultural possibilities of the video game medium and for this reason educate you in a practical and industry-orientated way. From the first concept to the finished product you as the game designer of tomorrow shape expressive interactive experiences.

Game Design at UE is practice oriented in order to pave your way into the job from the very beginning. As a student you will receive an overview of the economy, culture, and markets around computer games, from AAA over indie games to experimental formats. You are instructed in the areas of Game Design, Game Art, and Game Programming as well as their interplay. From the third semester on, you work project oriented to master the development process in creative teams.

Study in Berlin, in the very heart of this pulsating international metropolis and center of creativity and start-ups. Become part of the world’s biggest education network, Laureate International Universities, and gain valuable experiences in international studies and practices, both in Germany and abroad.

Students work: The Cave, Alexander Tietel

Studentenarbeit City Planter: Ned Amornpiyalerk

Studentenarbeit Rope Screen: Simon Weckert


The Game Design course focuses on teaching you the development and production of games with innovative and experimental character. While you always keep your creative vision in mind, through your studies at UE you get to know the connection between Game Design, Game Art, and Game Programming, and set your personal focus. The development of your own games and prototypes is framed by the theoretical aspects of the medium, an overview of the financial perspectives, as well as an overview of the national and international industry.

What’s special about UE

Creativity, practical knowledge, team and entrepreneurial spirit at an international level meet at UE. Practical and personal with huge international possibilities, thanks to the membership of the world’s largest university network Laureate and to a large partner network distributed over all continents.

Boundless international prospects

  • Membership in the world’s largest network of universities, Laureate International
  • Integrated semester abroad at one of our partner universities worldwide
  • Transnational internship projects
  • Intercultural exchange with students and faculty

Boundless practical orientation

  • Integrated internships and traineeships
  • Lectures and events led by successful personalities and partners from the real world

Boundless individual development

  • Small study groups
  • Individual monitoring and close collaboration with professors from the real world
  • Individual support from the International Office for the semester abroad

Last but not least – each individual on our campus 

Students, faculty, and staff: all of them make UE special with their own wonderful stories.

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Game designers participate in every single decision process during the creation of a new game, starting with the first draft of the game idea through all the creative decisions during the development to the design of worlds and characters. They develop game mechanics and map out the narrative power of a game.

The degree prepares students for self-reliance at the highest level, allowing them to work at development studios but also in a position to develop and market their own games. Typical areas of work include:

  • Game Designer, Game Artist or Game Programmer
  • Creative Director
  • Game journalist
  • Game explorer
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As a private university, we are funded not by the state, but by tuition fees. For this reason, studying with us costs more than at a public university. But it’s worth it: UE graduates meet essential requirements of design, and this sets them apart from the graduates of many public universities. Your employment and earnings prospects are greatly improved.

Tuition fees for applicants from the EU: 665€ / month
Tuition fees for non-EU applicants: 865€ / month

All costs are included in the monthly tuition fee. No additional costs will be incurred, such as a matriculation fee, exam fees, bachelor thesis fee or similar, as long as the course is completed within the standard study period. The costs for the semester abroad are not included in these fees as there are substantial differences depending on country and university.

We are happy to provide you with information on funding your studies and on any available scholarships. If you have any further questions, our Student Guidance Office can provide you with detailed information. Fill out the request form to get further information.

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You can apply a year in advance for your desired starting semester. The application deadline for the winter semester is August 25th of every year. The application deadline for the summer semester is March 20th of every year.

  1. Please complete our ONLINE APPLICATION FORM in its entirety.
  2. Upload a certified copy and the certified translation in German or English of your high school diploma or equivalent.
  3. Upload an English language certificate (B2 level); this is not required for English native speakers.
  4. In case you have already studied in the area of design, please also submit the copy and the certified translation of your transcript.

Once we have gone through your application and work examples, we can then evaluate whether you are suitable for studying at UE. If yes, we will invite you to an interview.

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