• Praxisprojekte

Projects for UE students

Establish contacts, collect experiences.

Direct feedback, new experiences, valuable contacts, and an inspiring exchange of ideas with other creative minds – the chance to test your own work in real life is extremely important. That’s why University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) offers you this chance whenever possible. One advantage of UE is our huge network in the art, culture, and business realms. 

  • Design of an Arte magazine cover on Elbphilharmonie

    UE students taking the Editorial Design course taught by Prof. Volker Pook have designed the cover for the special edition of the ARTE Magazine on the opening of “Elphi”. Yvonne Schucht, Lisa-Marie Witting, Allegra Parlavecchio, Anouk Miserez, and Michelle Kovacic came in the top five with their designs, and Yvonne Schucht won with a silhouette under white fabric. Read more

    When: November/December 2016
    Where: UE Hamburg

  • Cooperation with the publishing house Dumont

    Working together with the publishing house Dumont, UE students Birk Reddehase and Leopold von der Gönna (4th semester) created an elaborate book trailer. The short clip for the book release of “Wir da draußen” by Fikry El Azzouzi was well received by the customers and published on all of Dumont’s marketing channels.

    When: July 2016
    Where: UE Hamburg

  • Practical project “Lebenswert” at reformed church

    Cityarbeit of the Reformed church in Iserlohn in cooperation with LebensWert e.V. and students from Campus Iserlohn, UE, have jointly opened the art project “lebenswert.” The inner-city church serves as a “creative space” to artistically transform “encounters in passing.” Students showed their film on the theme of “lebenswert” that they shot and produced themselves. Furthermore there were interviews as well as video and photography shoots. Read more

    When: October 2016 until January 2017
    Where: UE Iserlohn

  • Illustration of a painted wall für Boesner

    Prof. Hans Waltzer and his students of illustration created a wall design for a Bosner flagship store, a cooperation partner of UE. The project took place during the course of the Berlin Art Week.

    When: 13th until 18th of September 2016
    Where: Boesner Flagship Store in Berlin

  • Illustration and Photography in Portugal

    UE students of photography and communication design in Iserlohn went on a study trip to Portugal. Together with their professors Katharina Mayer (photography) and Ubbo Kügler (communication design) the young artists had plenty of opportunities to practice their drawing and photography skills. 

    When: June 2016
    Where: Sao Miguel, Portugal

  • Creation of a new guidance system for Saarow-Therme

    In order to develop a new guidance system for their visitors and customers, Saarow-Therme started to cooperate with UE Berlin. Students of communication design, instructed by Prof. Volker Pook, made drafts for the upcoming changes.

    When: January until March 2016
    Where: UE Berlin

  • Big entertainment for student films

    At the Arsenal-Kino movie theater in Berlin, selected works by students of UE’s Motion Design program will be shown. Admission and inspiration come free of charge.

    When: May 22, 2015, 3 pm – 6 pm
    Where: Arsenal-Kino, Potsdamer Str. 2, Berlin

  • Smart minds at FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2014

    The Metropol Park is a building in Berlin that features a long history. For the Revive project, students of UE reawaken this gutted house: with projection-based mapping on the architecture and a central lighting structure, both serving to symbolize a heart and clock. At interactive columns, you can invest your own energy and thus actively help to bring this building back to life.

    When: October 18, 2014
    Where: Metropol Park, Berlin

  • Photography against climate change

    SubZero is an annual workshop series at Finland’s Oulanka National Park. For this interdisciplinary project, academics, researchers, and artists aim to make the effects of climate change visible. Ten students from UE and the two UE Professors Walter Bergmoser and Alexander Lembke participate together with people from all over the world. You can see some impressions of their inspiring research and photography project here:

    When: September 1, 2014, for one week
    Where: Lapland, 60 km from the Arctic circle

  • Below the surface: Conference on interfaces

    The topic of interfaces is one of the most important in academics, design, and technology today – from city planning to nano technology and interface design. At the conference, which takes place at UE in Berlin, academics and designers, theorists and interns, technicians and artists come together to have lively discussions about the “emancipation of interfaces”.

    When: October 10–11, 2014, all day
    Where: UE in Berlin

  • Stroll around at the Long Night of Academics

    UE also participated in 2014’s “Smartest Night of the Year”. Visitors to UE could enjoy exciting events and creative workshops, for example in calligraphy or analog and digital animation technology. What’s more, a rug was woven based on data generated by the number of visitors whose body warmth and movement were transformed into classical music pieces.  

    When: May 10, 2014, from 5 p.m. to midnight
    Where: UE, Bernburger Str. 24–25, 10963 Berlin

  • And action: The interfilm festival

    UE sponsored the interfilm short film festival in 2014 in Berlin. With around 19,000 visitors, 7,000 films entered from all over the world, and 500 select short films, this is one of Europe’s most important festivals. “The interfilm festival shows what we teach our students across all channels. An ideal event for clearly showing the span of UE,” says Professor Christian Mahler. After all, you can study nearly everything having to do with film at UE – from organization to movie animation.

    When: November 11–16, 2014
    Where: At 8 locations in Berlin, http://www.interfilm.de/festival2014/home.html