• Praxisprojekte

Projects for BTK students

Establish contacts, collect experiences.

Direct feedback, new experiences, valuable contacts, and an inspiring exchange of ideas with other creative minds – the chance to test your own work in real life is extremely important. That’s why BTK offers you this chance whenever possible. One advantage of BTK is our huge network in the art, culture, and business realms. 

  • Big entertainment for student films

    At the Arsenal-Kino movie theater in Berlin, selected works by students of BTK’s Motion Design program will be shown. Admission and inspiration come free of charge.

    When: May 22, 2015, 3 pm – 6 pm
    Where: Arsenal-Kino, Potsdamer Str. 2, Berlin

  • Smart minds at FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2014

    The Metropol Park is a building in Berlin that features a long history. For the Revive project, students of BTK reawaken this gutted house: with projection-based mapping on the architecture and a central lighting structure, both serving to symbolize a heart and clock. At interactive columns, you can invest your own energy and thus actively help to bring this building back to life.

    When: October 18, 2014
    Where: Metropol Park, Berlin

  • Photography against climate change

    SubZero is an annual workshop series at Finland’s Oulanka National Park. For this interdisciplinary project, academics, researchers, and artists aim to make the effects of climate change visible. Ten students from BTK and the two BTK Professors Walter Bergmoser and Alexander Lembke participate together with people from all over the world. You can see some impressions of their inspiring research and photography project here:

    When: September 1, 2014, for one week
    Where: Lapland, 60 km from the Arctic circle

  • Below the surface: Conference on interfaces

    The topic of interfaces is one of the most important in academics, design, and technology today – from city planning to nano technology and interface design. At the conference, which takes place at BTK in Berlin, academics and designers, theorists and interns, technicians and artists come together to have lively discussions about the “emancipation of interfaces”.

    When: October 10–11, 2014, all day
    Where: BTK in Berlin

  • Stroll around at the Long Night of Academics

    BTK also participated in 2014’s “Smartest Night of the Year”. Visitors to BTK could enjoy exciting events and creative workshops, for example in calligraphy or analog and digital animation technology. What’s more, a rug was woven based on data generated by the number of visitors whose body warmth and movement were transformed into classical music pieces.  

    When: May 10, 2014, from 5 p.m. to midnight
    Where: BTK, Bernburger Str. 24–25, 10963 Berlin

  • And action: The interfilm festival

    BTK sponsored the interfilm short film festival in 2014 in Berlin. With around 19,000 visitors, 7,000 films entered from all over the world, and 500 select short films, this is one of Europe’s most important festivals. “The interfilm festival shows what we teach our students across all channels. An ideal event for clearly showing the span of BTK,” says Professor Christian Mahler. After all, you can study nearly everything having to do with film at BTK – from organization to movie animation.

    When: November 11–16, 2014
    Where: At 8 locations in Berlin, http://www.interfilm.de/festival2014/home.html

  • Focus on talent: OFF_Festival Bratislava

    The OFF_Festival Bratislava has been the ideal platform for photography talents ever since its founding in 2010. As a complement to Month of Photography, the festival aims to support young artists in the best way possible and to perfectly stage their works. This year’s program, Revolution, was curated by Professor Walter Bergmoser, the director of the English-language Photography program at BTK.

    When: November 13, 2014
    Where: BTK in Berlin

  • Great! Todd Weinstein workshop in NYC

    The photographer and artist Todd Weinstein gives BTK students an inspiring and personal insight into his work and experience – and all of this directly in New York City! At the workshop, you’ll discover the lively metropolis from a new perspective together with the artists and BTK Assistant Professor Thomas Keller. Visits to the Museum of Modern Art, photo agencies, and galleries, as well as talks with artists give you additional inspiration for your own photographic work.

    When: September 2014
    Where: New York City

  • Present like a pro in front of pros at MdF

    At Germany’s largest photo festival, the European Month of Photography (MdF), thousands of visitors converge in Berlin to visit the numerous exhibitions and events centered on photography, in galleries, embassies, photography schools, and cultural institutions. In addition to BTK’s own exhibition, the campus showcases the Portfolio Review at the same time. Around 40 experts from Germany and around the globe review works by students, photographers, and photo artists. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to present your own work.

    When: November 1–2, 2014
    Where: BTK, Bernburger Str. 24–25, 10963 Berlin

  • Inspiration across borders: INTAC

    BTK Professor and Dean Walter Bergmoser has served as curator for INTAC (International Art Collaboration) in Guangzhou. For INTAC, young artists from Tampere, Toronto, Seoul, and Berlin collaborate through the Web and thus experience a completely new, creative, and inspiring way of working together and exchanging ideas. The works that resulted from this collaboration were then put on display in public spaces throughout Tampere at the 7th INTAC exhibition, in cooperation with the Backlight photo festival.

    When: September 1 to 15, 2014
    Where: Guangzhuo in China and Tampere in Finland 

  • 1 m2 exhibition at Humboldt University

    Just one square meter is enough for academics and art! This has been proven by the two BTK students Ida Marie Tangerås and Cooper Blade with their work for the THESys KOSMOS exhibition m2 Earth. Their photographs show local aspects of global change in everyday life. The project was launched by the Integrative Research Institute on Transformations of Human-Environment Systems at Humboldt University in Berlin.

    When: November 13 to December 6, 2014
    Where: Hall of the main building at Humboldt University, Unter den Linden 6, 10117 Berlin 

  • Insights into the EIN BLICK photo exhibition

    Sixteen students and alumni from BTK are exhibiting their work in the NEUROTITAN gallery in Berlin. Curators of the exhibition EIN BLICK (English: insight or view) are BTK Professors Katrin Thomas and Noga Shtainer. The photographic works fuse together the various photographic views on the topics of time, memory, sensuality, melancholy, and emotion.

    When: November 19–25, 2014
    Where: Haus Schwarzenberg, Rosenthalerstr. 39, 10178 Berlin

    On display are works by: 
    Jessica Wolfelsperger, Madeleine Grambow, Sara Müller, Lucian Spatariu, Omer Ben Zvi, Keren Ben Zion, Sheila Buser, Jung A Kim (winner of the Portfolio Review of Month of Photography), Thiemo Kloss, Denise Bodden, Thomas Friedrich Schäfer, Maren Demant, Sandra Wolfer, Xiomara Bender, Jasmin Kokkola, and Jane Katharina di Renzo.