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Visual & Experience Design

Thinking made visual

Professional roles in the design field are constantly changing. Nowadays, design as a field has to encompass the “old” physical, as well as the new digital, media. More and more companies discover the value of experience design in delivering brand, product and service messages and engaging their customers and users through digital touchpoints. While many experiences are working on multiple senses, almost all of them are delivered through the eye, which continues to render our visual sense the most critical of all.

In our Visual & Experience Design master’s program, you will gain a deep understanding of innovative visual design procedures, unleashing your creativity. All topics will be delivered in sequential clusters, allowing the students to acquire and apply theories to real contexts, as well as to envision entirely new scenarios.

This course will focus on the critical awareness of the balance between creative, commercial and business considerations, developing visual narratives using different visual tools and graphic elements. You will also develop the ability to develop a specific brief to create research-driven projects and an innovative approach to business.