• Fotoworkshop in Beirut

    Photo-Workshop in Beirut with Matthias Leupold

  • Award winning Project ‚Experimental Spaces'

    Felix Schoeller Award

    „Experimental Spaces“ by: Matthias Leupold

  • Fotografie an der BTK

    "Seeing is not Believing" by: Camilla Storgaard

  • Leaves of Grass – BA 2014 – Dominik Fleischmann

    "Leaves of Grass" by: Dominik Fleischmann

  • Fotografie an der BTK

    "Heading-South-East" by: Lynn Theisen


Portrait, Fashion, Documentary, Staged Photography

Lay the foundation at BTK for an exciting and creative career in Photography. How? With a future-oriented, accredited bachelor program at the BTK – in an environment that sets no limits on the development of your artistic potential either personally or geographically. Practical, personal, with special international opportunities – thanks to our membership in Laureate, the world’s largest university network and to a big partner network dispersed over all continents. 

Photography has been shaping our view of the world for over 175 years. Photography captures moments in time, over the ages and across generations, and it can often make complex relationships between society and individuals much clearer, more understandable, and more striking and concise than words could ever do. With pictures, you can make a genuine impact on people; they speak to our feelings and have a direct effect on us. Photography is a tool – both within a political as well as a personal realm – for shaping who we are and forming an identity. That’s why it is even more important to learn the standard principles and rules of photography, and then leverage these to create your own unique visual language.