Master of Arts in Photography

Study photography: develop your own distinct signature and refine your style

Technological developments mean that a photographer’s role within the arts and creative industries is constantly evolving. Your commitment to exploring new ideas and finding your own style is a key criteria for success in your photography studies. Our curriculum encourages you to explore the significance of the photographic medium within a cultural, political and social context, and to create your own images while interacting with current trends in art and design.

In a professional context, photography is now usually an evolving process: from the initial idea to the detailed concept, as well as the planning, organisation, realisation and final presentation. From fashion, portraits and still lifes to advertising and artistic photography, images are often staged rather than created spontaneously. By the time you graduate with a Master’s in Photography, you will have acquired the skills to think conceptually and to realise your ideas in artistic and practical projects using state-of-the-art technology.

This English-language master’s programme stands out from other courses in this field due to its emphasis on staged photography. The way artworks are presented both in traditional photo exhibitions and installations is a key focus on this programme.

Our campuses are equipped with professional workspaces and an extensive range of equipment. Facilities include spacious photo and green screen studios, an analogue darkroom, a scanning and print studio, film editing suites and sound studios. Students also have the opportunity to borrow a range of photographic equipment free of charge for projects both on and off campus. This includes digital and analogue camera equipment, professional lighting and other accessories.

At the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE), our educational approach is to enable students to discover and fully develop their individual talents. Teaching takes place in small groups in a friendly, informal atmosphere. You will have the opportunity to actively shape your studies and your career path by choosing your own specialisations and selecting courses from a range of interdisciplinary subjects. Our professors will support your individual progress helping you to develop your own distinct signature and to refine your talents and strengths. The master’s programme includes practical projects led by distinguished photographers and artists, as well as international study trips and workshops in New York, Iceland or different cities in Asia to help you prepare for your future career.

Our modern, centrally located Berlin campus is a meeting place for students from over 60 countries. Famous for its lively arts scene, in recent years, Berlin has also become one of Europe’s most important start-up capitals. At our Hamburg campus, our students benefit from our collaborations with model and advertising agencies, Germany’s largest publishing house as well as several museums.