Photography Master of Arts

Study photography and build your distinctive style

One of the most important elements to successfully studying photography is the ability to experiment and develop your personal style. Since the role of the photographer within the arts and creative industries is evolving, particularly in relation to imaging technologies and emerging media devices. Our curriculum encourages you to investigate contemporary trends while being informed by the inextricable historic links of the medium to modernity and the industrialized state: the photograph as art, evidence, document, memorial and snapshot along with the societal notion of photographic truth.

Our focus on ‚staged photography’ offers a diversity of creative methodologies in order to clearly and innovatively communicate ideas or concepts. Through the development of autonomous practice, you will demonstrate expert judgment in analyzing and applying specific photographic theories, traditional practices, and new technologies.
In considering different methods of presenting photography in an exhibition context, it will be our task today to think about photography not only as a two-dimensional medium but as a medium which has the ability to curate a space with narrative moments through installation.

To support you first-rate working conditions, our campuses have an extensive range of media technologies on offer. These include a green screen studio, professionally-equipped photography studios and print lab, an analog darkroom, a scan-lab, film editing rooms, as well as sound studios. Students have the opportunity to borrow various analog in different formats and digital camera systems, professional lighting, and other technical accessories so that they can work on their projects off-campus.

University of Applied Sciences Europe focuses on your creativity and development. That's why we teach in small learning groups and in a friendly and personal atmosphere. You have the possibility to actively shape your studies and career path by selecting your own specializations and choose from a range of interdisciplinary subjects we offer. Our Professors will closely oversee your individual progress, help you define your visual signature, artistic aptitude, and strengths. The Master program also includes practical projects guided by renowned photographers and artists, various field trips and workshops to prepare you for your dream job.
The campus in Berlin is centrally located, equipped with the newest technology and the city is known for its international and English-speaking character, its diverse and vivid art scenes. While in Hamburg, you will benefit from our collaborations with model agencies, advertising companies and the biggest German publishing house in the country.

The Master program at the University of Applied Sciences Europe is one of the first in Germany to have recognized this need and to offer photography at a master’s level. As a graduate of our program, you will be in the perfect position to think conceptually and refine your ideas using knowledge of the most modern technology for artistic or applied careers.