Media Spaces

Create experiances in medial spaces: Installations, Set Design, Play Places and more

Our society is becoming more mobile: Terms like “space” and “distance” are undergoing a fundamental transformation thanks to digital media. Today, there’s a whole sector of industry devoted to communicating and producing information, brands, and experiences in media spaces.

The University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) provides you with the skills to transform communication within virtual and physical spaces into inspiring and lasting experiences. In the Media Spaces master’s program, you’ll learn how to analyze and locate spatial, moving, and non-linear forms of expression and how to apply them to your own spatial concepts. You’ll be in the perfect position to develop complex and advanced design and technological solutions for challenges of a multi-disciplinary nature thanks to the sound media competence you’ll have as a graduate.

You’ll have outstanding knowledge of planning, organizational, and production tools for successfully realizing all kinds of projects. Such competence and knowledge is in high demand in nearly all creative sectors, from conceptualization through to realization. Modern successful designers, interior designers or interior architects look outside the box and collaborate with other disciplines. At UE you’ll have the unique opportunity to select electives from a wide range of different programs. This means you’ll have the opportunity  to add finesse to your creative profile and make a fantastic impression on the job market.