• Master in Design Strategies an der BTK

Design Strategies

Master Studies in Exploration, Ideation, Implementation

The role of the designer has shifted dramatically in the 21st century, now calling for a unique skill set beyond formal, visual, media-specific outcomes.

As a designer, you must be able to dig deep into content, to shift focus quickly, and to move strategically between creativity and context.

The program begins with a deepened exploratory and research-driven process of design, followed by a rigorous testing phase and an integrated, strategic approach to real-world problems. This will allow you to work within and across diverse industries, disciplines, communities and technologies. Throughout your studies at BTK, we will support you in strengthening your design research process by placing exploratory projects into an applied, real-world context and offering a collaborative and professional learning atmosphere. Cuttingedge yet relevant design solutions are the goal. As a graduate of the program, you will be prepared to take on complex, interdisciplinary design projects in a high-level, international setting, whether this be commercial, cultural, social, academic or artistic.