Game Design

To the next level with know-how.

Computer games are the fitting medium for the digital world around us. To shape them is the skill-set of the future. Games are personal expression and depiction of a networked global mindset, and they are also great fun! We at BTK are aware of the artistic and cultural possibilities of the video game medium and for this reason educate you in a practical and industry-orientated way. From the first concept to the finished product you as the game designer of tomorrow shape expressive interactive experiences.

Game Design at BTK is practice orientated in order to pave your way into the job from the very beginning. As a student you will receive an overview of the economy, culture, and markets around computer games, from AAA over indie games to experimental formats. You are instructed in the areas of Game Design, Game Art, and Game Programming as well as their interplay. From the third semester on, you work project oriented to master the development process in creative teams.