• Kommunikationsdesign BiTS

    project by: Ben Weinberg

Communication Design

Creative Bachelor studies in Berlin

Lay the foundation at BTK for an exciting and creative career in Communication Design. How? With a future-oriented, accredited bachelor program at the BTK – in an environment that sets no limits on the development of your artistic potential either personally or geographically. Practical, personal, with special international opportunities – thanks to our membership in Laureate, the world’s largest university network and to a big partner network dispersed over all continents. 

The career opportunities within this former “Graphics Art” field have drastically developed and grown over the course of digitalization. Communication designers transfer complex content into visual communication that is understood. They work in the areas of traditional print media as well as new, dynamic media and online communication. They develop concepts and designs for editorials, posters and ads, books, packaging, advertising, corporate communications, and films or animations.

For many years, even so-called graphic designers with limited specialized knowledge could be successful in this field. Today, multimedia communications require a much more wide-reaching, comprehensive foundation of study – and this will continue into the future, too. Communication designers nowadays not only have creative minds and good noses, they are also border-crossers and sometimes even psychologists. A passion for design as well as pleasure in interdisciplinary work and the famous “thinking outside the box” are all important requirements.