• Kommunikationsdesign-Studium an der UE.

Communication Design

Create covers, posters, logos, apps and more in your bachelor program in communication design in Berlin

Communication is everything: ads, book covers, magazines, logos, apps, interfaces, webdesign or packaging design – every day we encounter hundreds of visual messages. They all influence our thoughts and actions, and not just on account of their aesthetic value, but because they also convey multilayered content and emotions. As a communication designer or graphic designer, you find the best visual and creative expression for all messages, and thereby resolve the issues that arise in design.

We regard our students as creative individuals. Practice-oriented specialist knowledge and the confidence you will gain in conceptual design will make you ready for the creative industries. You can actively shape your accredited bachelor program at the University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) studies as you see fit and enrich them by attending interdisciplinary lectures from different programs such as Illustration or Photography. The balanced mix of theory and practice will give you a capacity for reflection that will serve you well in your professional life. The intercultural and interdisciplinary competence gained on our international university will also help prepare you for working life.

Successful designers look outside the box. To prepare you for a leadership role once you’ve graduated, we’ll teach you how to initiate creative solution processes, to moderate methodically, and to work in a team. In addition, you’ll enjoy access to our extensive media technology: Some of the equipment includes workshops for manual printing/letterpress, eye tracking, photography, stop motion, animation, video editing, and sound design. This means you’ll have the opportunity to expand your creative profile and make a fantastic impression on the job market.