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    In line with its interdisciplinary concept, UE relies on collaboration with renowned corporations and institutions. In this way, you as a UE student profit from cooperating partners who, for instance, are specialized in spatial communication solutions, media presentations in spaces, or 3D applications. 

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  • Abendakt - Live Drawing every Thursday

    Abendakt - Live Drawing every Thursday

    Everyone who is interested in drawing facets of a human body and is facinated by human gestures, facial expressions and body language has the possibility to practice in our life drawing session every Thursday evening at University of Applied Sciences (UE) at Campus Berlin, except during… More

  • Bachelor Exhibition “Sofort beenden / Level up” in Hamburg

    Bachelor Exhibition “Sofort beenden / Level up” in Hamburg

    The students at the University of Applied Sciences Europe invite you to their Bachelor Exhibition, “Sofort beenden / Level up,” 22-23/02/18 Four programs in the Art & Design division—Photography, Film & Motion Design, Illustration and Communication Design—will show around 30 bachelor… More

  • Bachelor & Master Exhibition: anaesthetics

    Bachelor & Master Exhibition: anaesthetics

    The Art + Design department opens its doors for the 18th graduation exhibition at Campus Berlin. The graduates of this years’ class present their artistic projects in the fields of Film + Motion Design, Photography, Communication Design, Illustration and Media Spaces. The exhibition unites… More



    Matthias Leupold Scenic Photographs 1983-1995  "What Matthias Leupold has worked out and what constitutes his photographic art can be summed up in three polar tensions: between statics and dynamics, between contemplation and narration, between joke and symbol. In the pictures, these… More

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