Current Library Services & Digital Resources at UE

(Last updated: 28 September 2020, 11:00).

Opening hours
The UE Libraries are open for service!

The following regulations apply:
In Iserlohn and Berlin, the library may be used by up to 8 persons at the same time. The library is open for lending services as well as for working on-site.
In Hamburg, the library offers on-site lending services only. Please research and reserve resources in our online catalogue.

Please observe: Wearing a face mask is mandatory on library premises. Desinfectant is provided on-site. Consultations of all kinds continue to be available remotely via Teams or telephone only.

Digital library services
As a reaction to the current situation, UE Library has put together a document specifically assembling the digital services UE Library offers for its patrons. Please find the document in question in the download section on the right-hand side of this page.

Thesis semester
Students in their thesis semester are particularly affected by the ongoing restrictions when using academic libraries. Please feel free to contact your campus library for individual consultations on how we may be able to support you.
Also, please do not forget to check the UE's Writing Lab page. They offer remote services for all those currently in the process of writing their thesis, too.

For requests of any kind, the campus libraries are available for contact via e-mail and in MS Teams.


Infoticker compiling special offers from UE and institutions beyond

• The Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (the second biggest library in Germany) offers remote registration for the time being, thus providing access to its extensive digital resources. The registration is free of charge, the main requirement being a registered German address and corresponding official documents to that effect. [2 April 2020]

UE offers access now to MUBI, a streaming portal for high quality independent cinema. Owing to our Film + Motion Design programme, all UE students are eligible to access MUBI for free through its film schools programme. Register here using your UE e-mail address.

JSTOR—a journals database focusing on the humanities—offers a free read-online registration. This usually entitles registered users to read 6 articles for free. JSTOR expanded this offer for the time being to include 100 articles per month.

UE offers remote access now to our PsyJournals bundle from Hogrefe. It can be accessed via the UE Library page in our Online Campus portal.

• Most academic libraries across the country have reopened for regular business, with restrictions applying in most cases. Regulations vary amongst institutions. Please adress the institution relevant for you directly—or contact your local UE Library. We're glad to help.