Academic research and writing


Being a design faculty, UE Art & Design's approach is a comprehensive one: Both the practice of designing and the reflection and analysis of designing form a set of corresponding skills.

That is why, throughout your studies at UE, you are expected to put down reflections on design matters in papers that meet academic standards in both form and content. The texts you are going to produce are best conceived of as an interface. In order to be 'usable' (i.e.readable and comprehensible), an established set of rules should be followed. Since these rules greatly enhance your text's usability, they are regarded as minimum requirements for term papers and theses rather than nice-to-have addons. 


Regarding academic research and writing, BTK has issued a number of documents and instructional manuals that are made available here.

The suggestions by teh UE Art & Design's theory department on preparing term papers and theses that adhere to academic standards have been put together in the recommendations on producing written assignments.
All written assignments handed in to UE (either as a term paper or thesis) need to have a written statement attached declaring the authorship. Please use the forms you can download here.
For theses, UE would also like to ask you to fill in a thesis access declaration, defining the scope of further use of your thesis and exam project. 
BTK's understanding of what constitutes good academic practice is laid down in a guideline of its own.

In addition to these materials particularly tailored to focus on study assignments at UE Art & Design, there is a number of publications addressing all aspects of academic research and writing available from UE LibraryFeel free to come by and discuss your matters with us.