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Future Design Visionary

Prof Dr Peter Crnokrak is Head of the Visual & Experience Design programme at University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE). He is a winner of the European Design Award and in his field of expertise is mainly focused on with the visualization of the digital. This ranges from app design to the visualization of big data. It is important to him to promote individuality:

"The world does not need more robots, it needs more great thinkers. We have to train students who are able to evaluate the increasing abundance of information, recognize patterns and interpret them. I am concerned with the artistic visualization of data in order to be able to represent events."

Developing one's own knowledge
Prof Dr Crnokrak says of his role as a lecturer: "It is my job as a professor to promote a certain mind-set among my students; to develop their own interpretations of reality with the joy of experimentation and the ability to implement them artistically. It's about process-oriented thinking to understand mechanics and patterns. Knowledge can be downloaded. Developing one's own knowledge is the much more interesting approach."

Design must be rethought in the digital age
Prof Dr Crnokrak says of his subject: "We are currently dealing not only with an enormous amount of information, but also with a wide range of different types of information that can give us a picture of reality. We need to train students who are able to evaluate this wealth of information, recognize patterns and interpret them. I am concerned with the visualization of data based on certain patterns in order to be able to represent events with design."

Give and take
Design is alive: "We, as artists, must free ourselves from structures and the constant desire to create values in order to give more space to the sense of wonder. That's what I try to do in my work as a lecturer: it's a winning process, a give and take. Since I rather use experimental methods, I also take a lot with me from the students."

Study Visual & Experience Design
In the Visual & Experience Design Master's programme, students learn how design can be adapted to the needs of society in times of increasing digitalization and technologization. The focus is on creating holistic and impressive visual experiences in digital space, from apps and websites to products, services and even artistic installations. Experience refers to the user's experience as he interacts with a digital product, from usability to actual use. The focus of every effort is always the human being, not the product. Visual & Experience Design is already being traded as the future contemporary design.

Thus, the field of activity of Visual & Experience Designers revolves around the narration of visual narratives and the creation of interactive experiences. It ranges from classical and digital design such as photography, typography or book printing to the development of brand identities and innovation management. Visual & Experience Designers qualify for professions in the areas of Brand Design, Experience Design, Service Design, Strategic Consulting, Creative Direction, Product Development as well as for work in research centres.

In addition to classical and digital design, students at UE acquire skills in the use of various tools, product strategy and corporate identity and are able to make well-founded design decisions between creative, commercial and economic aspects. In addition, an individual research project is part of the first semester, with which participation in international competitions and design marathons are expressly desired.

To find out why UE is one of the most exciting teaching venues in Europe for Prof Dr Peter Crnokrak and how he promotes the analytical and creative talents of his students, please visit: www.ue-stories.com

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