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Niklas completed his bachelor's degree in photography from the University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE). Today, he is the editor of his own fashion magazine "Hart" and takes over the tasks of Creative Director and Editorial Designer. What began as a university project at UE is now his life and career.

"We started as a student magazine in the 6th semester - now we are at the third edition with a circulation of 10,000 copies and stand among the special interest magazines at the station. We are now available in 26 countries".

Expanding your horizons through your studies
Niklas originally comes from a small village in Austria, where he was also a member of the local photo club: "There you have a very clear idea of what photos should look like. During my studies, I experienced a reality clash." The studies expanded his artistic horizon enormously: "The studies are very diverse and totally open - in the end you really did everything from fine arts to product photography. In addition, there are many cultural differences between the students. That always makes the project work exciting and new."

The path is the goal
About his time as a student, he says: "My studies have completely changed me - I have learned to question everything, but also to go my own way. In addition, my studies inspired me to do many things that weren't on my radar before". In addition to his work as an editor, he continues to be a freelance photographer and fashion assistance in a fashion agency: "If you ask me what I would call my profession, the answer would probably be artist".

Good job opportunities despite fierce market competition
Niklas says that there are many good photographers, but at least as many opportunities: "Especially in the social media space, new jobs are increasingly being created and the UE adapts wonderfully to the market situation. As a photography graduate, you are well prepared for your studies here and can show a really broad portfolio. I'd say you're much better positioned than people who do their job without having studied."

Study photography
Being a photographer means more than just pressing the shutter button. Choosing the right camera and lenses for each shot is just as important as understanding perspectives and lighting, photographic history and design theory and the right look. In addition, there is a whole range of printing techniques and different camera models. In times of digitalisation, photographers are expected to be familiar with all kinds of tools for image processing and to be able to create the most diverse formats - the profession of the photographer today is much more diverse than a few years ago.

From the work in a photo studio over an occupation in a publishing house up to freelance work the vocational field is as broadly varied as the task spectrum. There are many specialisations: Whether nature, portrait or event photographer, whether product photographer in advertising or artist. If you are a flexible photographer, there are many doors open to you.

Students at the University of Applied Sciences Europe learn to work with analogue and digital cameras as well as the classic craft of photo development in the darkroom and printing. Cinematography, design, image processing, composition, colouring, printing, lighting and media law are also taught. This makes them all-rounders who are able to successfully gain a foothold in every field of photography. Thanks to the international environment of the university, the bachelor's degree can be completed in both German and English, and the master's degree is offered exclusively in English.

You can find out how Niklas' Story began as the editor of his own magazine and how the University of Applied Sciences Europe supported him on his way to becoming Creative Director at: www.ue-stories.com

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