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Magic Motion Master

Lea holds a bachelor's degree in Film + Motion Design from the University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) and now works successfully as an Animation Artist for a Berlin agency.

"There is really a lot of emphasis on practice. As a student, you quickly gain project experience and many contacts."

Developing your own creativity on the job as well
Her agency is often concerned with explaining products or using visuals to draw attention to them: "The demand for moving images is naturally huge due to social media." Lea prefers to make 2D animations, which also flow into her own projects: "I find it particularly exciting when I go beyond the real and can conceive and implement my own creatures and stories.

Finding my own way
Lea originally comes from the country and moved to Berlin for her studies at UE: "In the beginning, two worlds collided for me. But right from the start I felt I was in good hands at the university. It also helped that my parents trusted me and supported me, even though for a long time they didn't know exactly what I was doing during my studies. But when they came to Berlin for the bachelor's exhibition, they really liked it."

Self-discovery during my studies
"My studies opened up ways to the most diverse possibilities and the most diverse projects. It definitely pays off to develop your own style." Lea says she was particularly impressed by her lecturers: "I found it really exciting that all my professors were artists themselves. They are taken seriously because they know what they are talking about.

Good chances on the job market
Lea says that her field of work is so diverse that she is always looking for new workers: "There are very different techniques and approaches. Of course, what is in demand at the moment also changes. As the industry continues to develop, there will always be new demands."

Semester abroad included
"I spent a semester in Toronto during my studies. The context was completely different for me. There, they worked a lot with spatial installations. I attended the OCAD University (Ontario College of Art & Design), a large international and extremely renowned university. I couldn't have afforded a semester there - but as a partner university of UE, I could study there for a semester free of charge."

Study Film + Motion Design
Motion Design combines many different types of design and has become indispensable in the film and advertising industry. Motion designers develop not only characters and animations, but also matching stories.

The interplay of moving image and sound has fascinated people since the first Disney productions in the late 1920s at the latest and is now not only important for the entertainment industry, but also for companies and advertising agencies. Social media such as Facebook and YouTube have provided an additional boost in recent years. Today, Film + Motion designers create their moving audio-visual content in areas such as marketing, publishing, corporate design, but also in the classic entertainment industry such as film, television and games.

The course therefore contains elements from illustration, photography, sound and film. It works with classical and modern moving image instruments, but not only the technical skills are trained. In addition to working with Photoshop, Illustrator and other relevant tools, creativity is encouraged and design is taught. Due to the diversity of the professional field, the course at UE prepares students for cooperation with technicians, engineers, programmers, but also with copywriters and marketing departments.

In addition to practical skills, students are also taught knowledge of media law, project management and project costing in order to assert themselves on the job market. The graduates prepare themselves for the mostly independent work as freelancers or independent motion designers with their own agency. After completing their studies, graduates will be able to master a wide range of professional techniques and will thus be ideally placed to meet the demands of the job market.

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