Master Photography in Berlin: A Summary of the First Master Semester

Tom Kaiser holds a bachelor's degree in photography from the Hamburg campus. Now he is studying for his Photography Master at the Campus Berlin. He has already introduced himself to us and given the first report. Now follows his summary of the first Master's semester.

Now that I have completed all my semester tasks and we have summed up the courses together, I am ready to give you a summary of what I have learned and experienced.

With the help and constructive criticism of my fellow students and professors, I have learned how to take my photography further in the desired direction. Now I know that I am strong in theory and conception, but still, have to learn how to better visualize my thoughts.

Financing as an artist

In the courses of the first master semester I got to know new possible directions, which I can take as a photographer. I now have the feeling that I can better understand the art market. I also now have an overview of how I can apply for sponsorship for my master's thesis from sponsors or other institutions and how to approach galleries. This will certainly take on a more important role after I graduate than I thought it would in my Bachelor's degree about my career choice, which I had seen even less strongly in the direct artistic field during my first degree.

At the Berlin campus, I got to know students from a wide variety of disciplines. The exchange with them has encouraged me to pursue my topics further, and I have found new exciting questions and perspectives that are worth pursuing in the coming semesters.

I will use the lecture-free time to reflect and photograph some semester projects privately once again. In this way, I will be able to directly implement the insights I have gained. In addition, I have some project ideas that I would like to get going and that will help me to ask better questions and implement my concepts more clearly.

What happens next?

I am very curious to see how I will develop further in the second semester in Berlin - which projects I will pursue, which I will possibly put aside and which skills I would like to further strengthen. I will also be taking you on one of my photographic expeditions in the video at the end of the summer semester! I'll keep you up to date!


Your Tom

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