• Illustrierter Krimi
  • Illustrierter Krimi

    © Miriam Moritz, Isabell Bartnicki

  • Illustrierter Krimi

    © Julia Wlodarski

  • Illustrierter Krimi

    © Miriam Moritz

Our three Illustration students about their project for ZEITgeschichte

The three Illustration (B.A.) students Julia, Miriam and Isabell are studying at University of Applied Sciences Europe campus Hamburg. For the magazine ZEITgeschichte, they did an illustrated a crime thriller about Gesche Gottfried from Bremen, a serial killer who poisoned 15 people. About their project and their experiences at University of Applied Sciences Europe, we talked with the three artists in a short interview.

More by and about the girls

Julia: Give me a good game or an interesting idea and I’ll be busy for the next couple of weeks.
Other works by Julia can be found at Jevvelia.deviantart.com and Ofheartsandjewels.tumblr.com/tagged/my-art

Miriam: I’m dedicated and interested in discovering what’s new.
Other works by Miriam can be found at www.artstation.com/miriammoritz

Isabell: I like to create strange characters that are beyond the expected.
Other works by Isabell can be found at www.artstation.com/isabellbartnicki


Our students picked a slogan: “Create your story. Inspire the world.” What experiences from your studies supported you in developing the idea of a graphic interpretation of a criminal case? What inspired you?

In one way or another, almost all of our courses have helped us at some point with this project. In that sense, our studies broadened our horizons. What also helped us a lot was the feedback we got from our program. The greatest inspiration, however, was the research on our case.

The case concerns Gesche Gottfried from Bremen, who poisoned people. What about these events specifically moved you or stayed in your thoughts?

This case was the only one presented to us that concerned a woman—for this reason alone, it was remarkable. We also found it very interesting that she was painted as an “angel,” because she “cared for” her victims.

What are you most proud of, when it comes to your illustrations?

We’re especially proud of how we captured the mood and depicted it in our illustrations.

Give us an example of a moment during the development of your illustration series where it was worth it to stray off the well-worn path?

We placed a lot of value on texture during the composition of our images. Along with an approach to modeling light and shadow that is realistic, rather than exaggerated, this creates in the viewer a sense of closeness to the what is depicted.

You are now in the fourth semester in Illustration, and there is always something going on at Campus Hamburg (e.g., the semester abroad, internships, projects and departmental work). Which experience has stayed with you the most?

We’ve naturally experienced a lot in our time at the University of Applied Sciences Europe. We’ll never forget the Game Design Workshop in Malta with Stephan Guenzel. We also got to know the Berlin Game Design students there.
We also really enjoyed being able to organize exhibitions ourselves and then present them.
Another highlight was the project week, with courses in bookbinding (with Sarah Roloff), games (with Sebastian Mittag) and storyboard (with Sven Waschk). We found these courses really interesting, because we gained insight into each area and the projects were simply a lot of fun.

The project for ZEITgeschichte magazine was a real practical project, like those you could run across in your careers. Do you already know which direction you’re heading in terms of career? Do you have a specific dream? Where would you like to be in ten years?

What we have in common is the desire to work as artists in the game concept field.
Isabell can also imagine working as a character designer. Miriam is also interested in storyboards and would ideally like to work with friends, since that really inspires her. Julia already has a specific goal in mind: in ten years, she sees herself in California at Riot Games. There are lots of paths open to us.

What are your tips for those interested in the Illustration program? What should they take advantage of at the university? What should they watch out for while developing their skills before they apply?

Don’t forget to try something new! There are quite a lot of interesting courses and you should take as many as you can. When you try out as may things as possible and invest your time, you get a lot in return.
And a tip for the application: In your portfolio, the development of your skills should be apparent.

To close: Describe your studies at the University of Applied Sciences Europe in three words!

Intensive, varied, creative

The issue of ZEITgeschichte magazin about the hostorical criminal cases appears at January 31st.

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