• News 2018_06_08 Basel Naouri auf der Biennale Venedig 2018
  • News 2018_06_08 Basel Naouri auf der Biennale Venedig 2018 1

Student Basel Naouri at the Biennale Venedig 2018

The Jordanian Master’s student at our Campus in Berlin, has been invited to this year’s  Venice Design Biennale to display his interactive installation “Tonal Texture”. The Venice Biennale has been taking place every two years since 1895. It starts on May 26th and closes on November 25th this year.

In the interactive installation Tonal Texture the Master’s student harnesses the interplay between material, sound, and space. The piece is made of special wood in a wave form and scanned by a light projection developed by Naouri. When a visitor comes close to the piece, he or she is met by an audiovisual reaction. This varies like with a theremin, depending on the location of the person in the room. The visitor can modulate the sound and light effects that are projected from and onto the wall. Thus a real-time audio modulation in a sensory experiential world is brought about.

The opening night of the exhibition was a huge success for Basel. “I am very proud to take part in Venice Design and to represent UE and Jordan in such a prestigious design exhibition. The opening night was a major success, with over 1000 visitors from around the world, among them 50 participating artists and creators. It was amazing to see the public interacting with Tonal Texture and I enjoyed connecting with them and understanding how each person perceives the experience differently.”

For further information about Basel Naouri´s artwork click here 

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