• University sports program at BTK

BTK Sports Program – New Offer for Students

Beginning with October 2015 BTK students and employees will be able to use the offer of the Berlin University Sports Organisation. More than 50.000 participants take part in  courses, workshops, excursions and tournaments every year.

The offer is directed at students and employees of BTK. A small fee will apply according to the status (student or employee). The program is offered by five university facilities:


The easiest way to enroll is by registering online. Right after that you will be able to print a participation ticket. You can pay via direct debit (Beuth Hochschule für Technik, FU, TU) or bank transfer (HTW, HU). Moreover you can also contact the university administration offices personally or in writing. In case there are technical registration problems, please send an e-mail to c.mueller@btk-fh.de.

For further information please visit the websites of the mentioned university sports institutions.

We wish you lots of fun with university sports!

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