• Tag der Stadtnatur

New design for Hamburg’s environmental protection - project group “Tag der Stadtnatur” (Day of City)

In the project group of Prof. Christian Meyer zu Ermgassen, 18 students of the Illustration and Communication Design courses at the Hamburg campus worked out a new, extensively designed programme booklet and matching posters for the "Day of City Nature" from 15 - 16 June in Hamburg.

Somewhat outdated - this is how the campaigns for the protection of the environment often looked in the past. The creation of "Fridays for Future" abruptly rejuvenates the face of the movement. At the "Day of City Nature", our up-and-coming designers are bringing a breath of fresh air. The students set themselves the goal of guiding those interested through the thicket of events and giving the campaign a more visual character.

In coordination with the Loki Schmidt Foundation, which coordinates the campaign, the concept and structure of the new magazine, the layout and the details of the visual language were developed. The programme categories were rearranged and now also introduced by an illustrative motif, which runs through the page of the programme like a crack. This form is intended to recall the torn nature of the city but also expresses its corridor function as a link between individual habitats in keeping with the main theme of the biotope network.

You can download the programme booklet and further exciting information on the campaign from the website of the "Hamburg City Nature Day".

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