• News 2018_11_12 Tom Kaiser Selbstvorstellung

    (C) Tom Kaiser

Photography Master in Berlin: Student Tom Kaiser introduces himself

Hello, I am Tom Kaiser and I have just completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography at the University of Applied Sciences Europe in Hamburg. I am now in Berlin to do the Photography Master’s to gain a deeper knowledge and to put theory into practice.

I see myself mainly as a documentary and nature photographer but after four years of studying photography, I am constantly trying new things and allowing myself to be led by feeling rather than categories. My other diverse interests have always influenced the direction of my artistic development.

My wish is to work as a freelance photographer after my degree. In my photography, I would like to express complex contexts and make emotions and experiences visible and understandable.

The Master’s in Berlin with an emphasis on staged photography seems to be the ideal learning environment, as there are many different cultures and influences here. At the same time I will be able to build my freelance work even as I study due to a peculiar characteristic of the program: We only study four days a week here.

I will report now regularly about my experiences.

It is going to be exciting!

You are interessted in photography? Here you get more information about our study program!

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