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Outdoor exhibition “Rich & Richer?!” at the Altonale

At this year's Altonale, students of Photography and Film & Motion Design from the Hamburg campus will be showing their photographic work from the course "Rich & Richer?!"

This year, the term "richness" represents the main theme of the Altonale and also the central object of the photo course by Prof. Heike Ollertz and Prof. Nina Röder.

What does it mean to be rich? Is it the champagne or the fur coat? How do capitalism and materialism define our society? And who decides when you are considered to be poor? Half of the world's population cannot cover its basic needs - access to clean water and food. How do the different facets of economic and social poverty manifest themselves?

From 31 May to 16 June 2019, anyone interested can discover for themselves the students' photographic examination of these key questions at an outdoor exhibition at the Altonale.

The Altonale is the largest cultural festival in Northern Germany. For 17 days, visitors can experience exciting events on literature, art, music and cinema in the Altona district - often in the most unusual places.

Opening: Friday, 31.05.2019, 7 pm
Exhibition duration: 31.05. - 16.06.2019;  

Where: Stuhlmann Fountain - Platz der Republik, Museumstraße, 22765 Hamburg, Germany

Guided tours:
31.May at 7.30 pm
01.June at 2 pm
04.June at 6 pm
Meeting point: Stuhlmann fountain.

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