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Even while studying - our students are always in demand

Here are some nice news from the illustration: our student Alain Welter (23) designed the shop windows of the Boesner flagship store in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. Alain studies illustration (GER) at the BTK in Berlin. Thanks to the successful cooperation, which we have with Boesner since two years, it was possible for our illustration lecturer, Hans Baltzer, to enable Alain this handsome work. We congratulate on this great job! Alain answered us a few questions about his work and the procedure:

How did you proceed the work?
At the first meetings with the store director, we said that everything should be painted with acrylic and markers on the windowpanes. Then it quickly became apparent that my design could also be printed as a sticker, so that every single motive could be glued to the window pane.

What technique did you use?
I first recorded every single element and all the letterings with pen and black ink. This happened partly without great sketching, since I wanted the drawings loosely and not to be 100% perfect. In a further step, I scanned everything and vectorized on Illustartor. Only in the end, all the elements were covered with a color plane and everything was ready to print!

What inspired you?
At the very beginning, I informed myself, what other artists have already done on windows and which techniques make the design work best. Then it was mostly the conditions of the windows, which have inspected me. At the same time, I tried to figure out what kind of composition was the best solution to make the design work accordingly afterwards.

How did you get the idea?
My initial idea was to make a big motive that stretched across all windowpanes. However, I quickly came to the conclusion that the implementation through the respective posts between the windows could become difficult. You have to get involved with the surroundings for each new project and you have to know how to play with the different "obstacles". There should be plenty of room for the customer to look through the windows into the shop. So I came up with the idea of ​​designing various art materials and sayings, which I then put together on an illustrator in a total composition. This was the ideal solution for me to agree the criteria of the customer and my own ideas.

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