Successful Bachelor Exhibition at Campus Berlin

On Friday, 12 July 2019, the vernissage of the summer and bachelor exhibition of the Art & Design department at the University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) took place at campus Berlin.

In addition to the exhibition, the bachelor graduates were awarded with their degree certificates in a festive ceremony. There, our lecturers awarded prizes for the best bachelor theses for each degree programme. Two of the honorees were Mònica Bussmann from communication design and Lydia Hansen from photography.

During the evening tour and bachelor exhibition under the motto “From A – B”, bachelor graduates and students from all courses had the opportunity to exhibit their best works from recent months. In a day-long preparation, the students transformed the lower floors of the Berlin campus into a hands-on exhibition. Visitors, including family and friends of the graduates, could explore the unique works. True to the motto "From A - B", the exhibited works dealt with the topic of how we develop from point A to point B, while at the same time taking with us our accumulated experience on the way from A to B.

We congratulate all bachelor graduates on the completion of their studies!

Beforehand, our bachelor graduate Anna Nurmela gave us an interview here. Also, Mònica Bussmann, Lydia Hansen and our lecturer for photography professor Michael Danner let you have a closer look at their works and thoughts regarding the exhibition here.

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