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OPEN CALL - Digital publication platform for graduation works

UE students, gain work experience and get a discount on your tuition fees!

Join us for the development of a digital publication platform for student graduation works of the Art & Design faculty and a virtual exhibition at the beginning of August.

We are looking for UE students who will closely work together with our advisors Evelyn Solinski and Steffen Klaue on the development of a WordPress website, where we will collect, archive, and present all graduation works from this semester onwards! 

You may join the project team for one of 3 phases to design, code, collect, and edit data as well as for the post-production phase.

You should be a student of the University of Applied Sciences Europe, available to work approximately 45h per month, and be a motivated and agile team player.

Please upload your application in German or English here by May 27. Please attach:

  • Your CV
  • A brief motivational statement
  • 2 strong portfolio works + description (max. 1000 characters)

You will receive € 450 as a partial reimbursement of your tuition fees in the month that you’re working on the project.

For any questions please contact rana.oeztuerk@ue-germany.de.


Phase 1: June
2 Students | Design & Structure

Phase 2: June + July
3 Students | Technical Implementation

Phase 3: July
2 Students | Data Collection
1 Student | Image Processing
1 Student | Text Editing

Website launch: Beginning of August


Job descriptions

Phase 1 | Design & Structure   


  • Transformation of design parameters from the Graduation Magazine into a Digital Publishing Platform 
  • Development of a name, structure, and visualisation 
  • Development of a navigation
  • 4-page template (overview, single view, highlighted view, contact/imprint, text page)
  • Close cooperation with the phase 2 working group - technical implementation


  • Team spirit 
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Passion for digital design 
  • Affinity to break new ground 

Phase 2 | Implementation in Wordpress


  • Implementation of the digital publication platform in WordPress
  • Bilingual website DE/EN
  • Mobile + desktop responsive
  • Close cooperation with the design and editorial team


  • Experience in WordPress
  • Experience with page builders, e.g. Elementor
  • CSS and JS skills
  • Implementation of an ambitious team project in a short period of time

Phase 3 | Data organisation


  • Continuous data retrieval and data collection
  • Data upload


  • Being organised
  • Archiving experience (preferred)

Phase 3 | Image processing


  • Image processing
  • Color correction, retouching, picture cropping and sizing


  • Advanced experience in image processing
  • Aesthetic perception of images and compositions

Phase 3 | Text editing


  • Continuous text retrieval and collection
  • Text editing
  • Text upload


  • Passion for languages and writing
  • German and English proficiency
  • Experience in text editing

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