• News 2018_05_15 ONE CAKE, TEN BOOKS, AND… in Berlin


Wednesday, May 23rd of 2018 marks the start of a series of talks named ‚One cake, ten books, and…‘, organized by the University of Applied Sciences Europe Berlin campus library.

The event’s idea:

Members of the University of Applied Sciences Europe faculty from various disciplines discuss ten landmark publications that have shaped their field of expertise. The talk format offers the opportunity to shed light on lesser known areas and subjects in the lecturer’s field of expertise. The 10 publications (or disciplinary artifacts) serve as the starting point for a broader conversation on the field in question. 

Throughout this summer semester, three talks will take place with treats being served along the way. Our guests are:

Prof. Hans Baltzer (Illustration): Topic: Pen & Page May 23rd, 4–5pm (en)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Becker (Business Business Communication):Topic: Media, Management and Public Communication May 30th, 5–6pm (de)
Prof. Sebastian Stamm (Game Design): Topic: Game Art – good reads for the drawing kind June 25th, 5–6pm (de)

The talks will be held in either German (de) or English (en) and take place on the premises of UE’s Berlin Library (ground floor, room 00.42). All students and staff are welcome to attend.

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