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Jennifer Lang wins bronze at ADC competition

Graduate Jennifer Lang (Communication Design) wins bronze at this year's ADC competition with her final thesis "Renewal – Limitless Lifetime".


“My bachelor project, "Renewal - Limitless Lifetime", questions the possible influence of speculative design on major economic, political and social processes of the future. The focus is on the field of human enhancement, which deals with any improvement and optimisation of the human being as a process. Can speculative design influence debates, discussions and decisions on future technologies?”


“The organ trader renewal sells artificially produced organs. These organs are compatible with everyone and improve, as well as prolong, life. However, without a charge, paid for in the form of a monthly flat rate, the artificial organs would not work. The design aims to play with the imagination of the viewer. The organs are vacuum packed but despite their opaque packaging, they are still vividly recognisable. This leaves room for speculation.”


“The interactive experience through Renewal allowed me to confront people with a potential vision of the future. The focus of the design was to present the organs in a futuristic and clearly recognisable way to arouse immediate interest. The appealing idea of improving and prolonging life should be a source of inspiration. The subscription model and the horrendous costs of the organs, on the other hand, were intended to shock people and encourage them to think and act.”

Congratulations Jennifer Lang!

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