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Grand Finale for Art & Design Graduates

Weeks if not months of hard work and tireless hours have finally paid off. The graduates of the Art & Design Faculty at the University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) Berlin displayed their talents last Friday and Saturday. The Bachelor’s and Master’s graduates succeeded in transforming the campus in Berlin into a modern art museum with their exhibition titled “404 Exhibition Not Found.”

Welcome to “404 Exhibition Not Found”
From digital worlds to photo series to masterworks created with spray can - there was a project for every artistic taste at the exhibition. The students gave their all and poured their hearts and souls into their works. The projects were provocative, speaking directly to societal issues, or were such eye-catchers that one could do nothing more than be absorbed by the artistry. As unique as the students themselves, the projects were diverse and unique. Not a single exhibition piece was like the next.

For the UE Berlin Art & Design graduates a new phase of their lives now begins. Some of them will specialize further in their fields. Others will build on their final projects. And there are those who still don’t know exactly where the path will lead after their degree, but already have a vision for their future goals.

Fresh coat of paint
Illustration graduate Alain Welter is one of them. With his project “Make Koler Cooler” he gave his home village of Koler a fresh new look. He livened up the boring house fronts with a spray can. His work was recognized as the best in his year. It has gone down so well with the village mayor and villagers that he has been hired to make further improvement on the village.

End of the story?
No, it’s just the beginning! Daniel Zat, a Bachelor’s graduate, also knows what his next step is going to be. In his final project titled “Wavecase-Pallium” for his Film and Motion Design degree, he created unique 3D animated musical notes. Each letter was assigned its own note. So the pallium is not only fun to write with but also delights the user with harmonious sounds at the same time.

Endless like the desert: There is always more to learn
Other students, such as Master’s graduate Sidra Ashraf, still have a thirst for knowledge. One thing is certain for Sidra: She will aim for a Ph.D. in Media Spaces. At the exhibition she showed the visitors how you can have fun even in a desolate desert. Her project is a sandy landscape, representing the desert, with inbuilt motion sensors. When a visitor triggers a sensor while walking on the sand, it makes a sound. It might be a jarring, alarming, or relaxing sound - it could be baby’s laughter or orgasmic climax. Sidra says she wants to show people that there is something funny or embarrassing to be discovered even in a barren desert.

The finale is only the beginning
“404 Exhibition Not Found” - An exhibition that will always have a special place in the hearts of the graduates. With their terrific and exceptional projects and art works, the students have delighted their teachers, UE, and the numerous guests who visited the exhibition. A fantastic finale for the respective Bachelor’s and Master’s programs at UE.

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