• Felix Plakolb Vietnam Street Photo

    Photo: Felix Plakolb

Excursion to Vietnam and Cambodia in March 2018

In this seminar we will study the culture and the history of Vietnam and Cambodia. Questions of representation will be investigated - The exotic mystique that so often clouds western views of the far east. To aim for a conscious and informed look (through our cameras or other means), to discover the familiar in the unfamiliar. 

Centre of the project module is a two-week excursion to Vietnam and neighbouring Cambodia in March 2018. In seminars during the winter term 2017/18 we will prepare the excursion & after our return prepare an exhibition and a publication.

When: 11th - 23rd March 2018 – But you can arrive earlier or stay longer individually
Where: Round trip through Vietnam and Cambodia via Hanoi, Hoi Anh, Phnom Pen and Siem Reap including Angkor Wat 

The excursion will be quided by the professors Matthias Leupold and Michael Danner. The focus will be on photography, but any other UE-students are also appreciated to join in, regardless of study field and language. During the trip, the students will have a pre-organized daily programm but also free time for their own desires.

Budget: approx. 950€ (incl. Hotel, transfers, bus, fees, guides, excl. food) plus flights (approx. 1.200€)

The project module is worth 8 ECTS-Points including the excursion and the seminars previously and afterwards. The registration happens in CampusNet and turns binding after the down payment of 300€ at the UE-reception until DEcember 01st, 2017.

For further questions please contact matthias.leupold@ue-germany.com and michael.danner@ue-germany.com via email.

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