Coronavirus - 14-Day Regulation

Since the situation regarding the coronavirus in Europe is worsening due to current developments in Italy, the university has decided to introduce a 14-day regulation for the upcoming summer semester.

The regulation stipulates that students who have stayed in corona risk areas or who have had personal contact with other people from the risk areas or a case that has already been confirmed may only come to the campus after 14 days. The risk areas include the Chinese province of Hubei (including the city of Wuhan) and the cities of Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Taizhou in Zheijiang province.

In addition to the information provided by e-mail about the virus and the general prevention of infection, the university has ordered face masks and disinfectants as a precautionary measure and has stopped business trips to China.

If you are unable to attend lectures due to the 14-day regulation, please contact your lecturers for further information.

Should the regulation lead to complications with your examination phase, please contact your respective Examination Office by mail.

For general questions, please contact the campus managers.

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