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    A Green Revolution & What if I would walk around with my thoughts?

Congratulations: Scholarship for Helga Einarsdottir

Helga Einarsdottir just finished her 3rd semester in the English Bachelor program Communication Design (B.A.). Now, for her 4th semester, she won a scholarship of 50% off the tuition fee for her outstanding portfolio and her engagement inside and outside BTK - Art & Design faculty of University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE).

Kindly, she gave us an interview to mark the occasion:

Congratulations for your prize! Did you expect that?
Thank you! And no, I did not expect that, but you always give yourself the chance if you apply for what you want.

What’s the topic of your project? What did you like to express with it?
I had two projects in my portfolio, both from the class Editorial Illustration with Hans Baltzer:

“A green revolution”

This was a big broad task about the bio economy and it ́s future. We, humans, have to find a way to live better with nature and solve how to feed the population that increases every year. I wanted to appeal to young people and make a poster that would grab attention to the problems we have to solve related to food. My final work was a poster where I wanted to visualise the optimistic side and also the serious side of the future. We have to think about a more green, sustainable future. It has to come from us, and we should know where our food grows... what comes around goes around.

“What if I would walk around with my thoughts?”

It’s kind of a map into my mind. It shows the thoughts of a mother and the household, trying to combine it with studies and work. I hope people can relate to this since we tend to think about a lot of things and often wander from one thought to another when juggling all sorts of things. This especially is relevant to the modern world of constant interference. It gives it a bit of humour to imagine if your loaded thoughts would be visible to other people when walking on the streets. How would your personal map of thoughts look like?

What do you think are the reasons that you deserve this prize?
I stand behind my work and always try to do the best that I can. I think it is important to use your knowledge to help, in any way possible in the field you specialise yourself in. I would love to do more volunteer work, as a communication designer. Then I guess I filled all the requirements as well as I could and it payed off in this case.

In one sentence: How was you time at UE?
Until now my time at UE has given me space to find out where I want to go after my studies and it gives me time to experiment with my visuals.

What was a highlight at UE, that influenced you as a student?
One highlight for me was the poster and sequence course I took with Studio Laucke Siebein in my first semester, I keep thinking back to that course for many reasons. A great teacher is always a highlight for me as a student.

Creativity knows no boundaries. What took the most courage from the things you did during your studies?
I think my courage remains mostly in the decision to move from Iceland to Berlin, with my family, to do my studies.

Create your story. Inspire the world. Do you have a dream, what are your plans? How do you want to inspire the world?
I am heading somewhere...I know that but I am not sure where I will end up, a lot of possibilities are open and I like to keep it that way as long as possible.
My goal is to do the best I can in every step I take. If I can awaken possibilities in others, by doing my everyday life, that sure sounds like a good life.

Honestly, do you already have any ideas about what to do after your study time at UE?
Yes, I do. I want to gain more experience in the working field and then hopefully be able to work in my own small studio one day.

Now, from our side congratulation and all the best for your future work and studies!

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