• Arash won a scholarship for the artistic project

    "Migrant on Mars"

  • Arash won a scholarship for the artistic project


  • Arash won a scholarship for the artistic project

    Censored CIA report on 9/11

Congratulations: Arash Sabbagh wins scholarship

Arash Sabbagh just finished the second semester of the english Bachelor program Communication Design (B.A.). For his outstanding portfolio and his engagement inside and outside BTK - Art & Design faculty of University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) he was awarded a scholarship of 50% off the tuition fee for winter semester 2017.

Regarding his scholarship and his time at UE he gave us a little interview:

Congratulations for your prize! Did you expect that?
To be honest, I didn't expect that. I don't want to compare my works with other students. But I know that there are many talented students in our program. And I am so happy to get the scholarship among all those talented students. 

What’s the topic of your project? What did you like to express with it?
I had two projects in my portfolio. One of them was a series of posters with the topic of refugees from Poster and Sequence course, and the second one was a book design in my Typography class about censorship. 

What were your intentions for that? Can you give us more details?
The poster project was based on the Migration topic. This series of posters illustrate the concerns of the Migrants about their past, presence and future. Can they move forward and forget their past? Should they forget their stories? This was my main focus for these posters. "Migrant on Mars" is my posters re-imagined. Humans will always be migrant.
“Red herring” is a book I design based on a CIA report on the events around 9/11. I used the same weapon, governments use on the free data to remove the transparency and censor the information before they are reached to the public. In this book I censored a complete report and manipulate the message the CIA agents wanted to deliver to the headquarters. The result is 100% against the CIA and government politics. The censored report claims that the 9/11 was planned and performed by people inside the government.

What do you think are the reasons that you deserve this prize?
Since my work and study background was in Theater, I had to put so much energy to learn the things I had to know in the design field. And until now, I tried my best. So, maybe being a hard working student has its own advantages.

In one sentence: How was you time at UE?
Being a student in an international university helped me learn more about how other students from different backgrounds think about the same subject as I do. It is like trying to understand one thing together but from a different point of view. 

What was a highlight at UE, that influenced you as a student?
I enjoyed sitting in classes and listen to my professors teaching. They helped me a lot to widen my view and move on my projects.

Creativity knows no boundaries. What took the most courage from the things you did during your studies?
I divide artists and designers into two groups. In the first group, they sit down, think, read, check out the other works and they don't start the project until the whole vision is created in their mind, and then they start to bring the output of their process in a short amount of time and mostly it is their final work.
The second group decides to do a project about a subject and try to simultaneously do the sketches of the final project and the research together. This group might go back to the point zero ten times and start doing new and different things. Until they reach to a final output. 
I believe I belong to the second group. This is how my mind works. And SOMETIMES I enjoy going back to the starting point and do everything again. During my studies at the UE I did the same thing, but this time with the help of my professors.

Create your story. Inspire the world. Do you have a dream, what are your plans? How do you want to inspire the world?
I have a dream that one day I could help people rethinks the issues we, as humans, are facing in our society with the help of art and design. This dream gives me absolute pleasure.

Honestly, do you already have any ideas about what to do after your study time at UE?
I will go on a trip with my wife and then I will continue to work and study in my field. There is a quote in Scarface movie which I love and it reminds me that it is not enough, move ahead. The quote is: "The World Is Yours"

Now from our side congratulation and all the best for your future work and studies!

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