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Cindy Fuhlendorf at Jung von Matt

Cindy Fuhlendorf studies Communication Design at Campus Hamburg in the Art & Design faculty. During her internship at Jung von Matt, she breathed agency air and worked for Otto and OBI among others. Her personal highlight: The realization of a 1&1 TV commercial that was broadcast on television in November 2016.

What experience at University of Applied Sciences Europe has particularly shaped you?

I enjoyed many courses but two really stood out. The first was “Corporate Identity” with Ilona Klück. In it I realized for the first time that when you’ve come up with a good idea, all the complications and everything else become easy. You quickly notice that an idea isn’t good, when its development is difficult and dull. In this course I realized that I am really interested in CI. Even before my studies, I was interested in packaging design. This interest has been more than confirmed by the packaging design course I’m taking at the moment. Developing concepts and realizing them myself are unbelievable fun for me.

What do you find exciting in your studies? What are you particularly proud of?

I go to school to get inspiration, assignments, and support, the rest is studying on my own and “learning by doing”. I could just about use Photoshop Magic Wand tool before the first semester, and had very little idea about InDesign or Illustrator. After three years of studying, I got many compliments at “ADC Speed Recruiting” event on my Photoshop skills. I was really proud of that.

What was the most exciting thing during your internship and what are you particularly proud of in relation to the internship?

I enjoyed the relaxed and awesome atmosphere in the agency during my internship the most. All employees were open with each other and they were always willing to help. I found it really great that I was not treated as a stereotypical coffee-fetching intern. Everyone was taken seriously and was an equal part of the team. That motivated me. My personal highlight was the realization of my idea for a 1&1 commercial that was shown on TV last November. That was something every special and made me more confident in terms of my creativity. Even more so because I usually tend to underestimate myself.

Where will it lead? What is your dream? What would you like to achieve in the next 10 years.

After completing the degree I would very much like to join a large agency and gain as much experience as possible. After my internship at an ad agency, I’m also interested in joining a design agency. In 10 years, I see myself either at an awesome agency as a Creative Director or heading my own little agency, in Ibiza of course.

What experiences from your courses have helped you in your internship?

The courses have definitely helped me in that we worked on real or hypothetical briefs from time to time. Of course it didn’t happen exactly like that at the agency, but it did help me. I knew for the most part how to handle briefs. In addition, the Adobe Creative Cloud knowledge that I acquired through the projects at the University of Europe (then BTK), as I’ve already mentioned, helped me to meet the expectations of my Creative Director.

Describe your degree at University of Applied Sciences Europe in three words!

Responsibility. Flexibility. Creativity.

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