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BTK students design ARTE Magazine cover on Elbphilharmonie

Hamburg finally inaugurates the Elbphilarmonie on January 12! The long-awaited concert hall has been wowing not only Hamburg locals since its first opening, but also tourists from all over the world, who have been flocking to the Hanseatic city to marvel at the masterpiece by the architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron.

BTK students taking the Editorial Design course taught by Prof. Volker Pook have designed the cover for the special edition of the ARTE Magazine on the opening of “Elphi”. Yvonne Schucht, Lisa-Marie Witting, Allegra Parlavecchio, Anouk Miserez, and Michelle Kovacic came in the top five with their designs, and Yvonne Schucht won with a silhouette under white fabric.

“The Hamburg Elbphilharmonie is a masterpiece of highest technical and design-engineering,” she says about her piece. “Nonetheless the expected ‘sound of the century’ is built on the analog craftsmanship ‘behind the sound’. We still don’t know what the acoustics will be like and are excitedly waiting for the first concert in mid-January. As such this anticipation is reflected in my design, it is hidden and at the same awaiting unveiling. The “white skin” (the white wall covering in the concert hall) in the interior of the concert hall is pulled over the exterior to cover the engineered covering.”

Volker Pook says: “Our effort was worth it.” Warm congratulations to all students who participated in the project.

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