• altonale Plakatwettbewerb - Berliner Almuni für das Hamburger Kulturfestival

    Foto von © Hanns-Christian Gerth (altonale.de)

  • altonale Plakatwettbewer - Plakat von Fridtjof Kirste

altonale poster competition - Berlin Almuni for the Hamburg Culture Festival

The winner of this year's altonale poster competition is Fridtjof Kirste, a former illustration student at campus Berlin. The task was to present the diversity of the Hamburg Cultural Festival and the central theme of this year's altonale "Richness".

The 26-year-old completed his studies in Berlin in March 2017 and aims to pursue a freelance career in the future. By taking part in various design competitions, he hopes to increase his reach and draw attention to himself as a designer. Nevertheless, it is important to him that he can identify himself with the topic, the target group and the institution that is inviting to participate in the competitions - "With the altonale, everything fit really well!"

But the young artist did not have an easy time designing the poster. To visualize such an abstract and versatile topic as "richness", to create a concept for the poster and to consider all the specifications of the organizer at the same time is not an easy task.

"In the beginning, I sketched various ideas and made collages, arranged and oversubscribed them in several steps analogously and in Photoshop. During this process, the design was more and more self-evident and reduced from an initial flood of different drawings to the final design. The more I worked on the poster and the more I liked it, the more I wanted to win."

And so he did. Fridtjof's poster became the winner at the award ceremony on 10 April in the Altona Museum and can now be seen throughout the city.
The jury was particularly impressed by the collage-like working method, which encompasses various levels of content and represents concise associations with the main theme "richness".

"The diversity of structures, shapes and colors very well symbolizes the diversity of the altonale as an interdisciplinary festival." , says the altonale website.

At the award ceremony, Fridtjof also had the opportunity to make new contacts with some of the curators and, in addition to the prize money, can thus look forward to further new commissions.
We are proud of our alumni and wish Fridtjof all the best for his future career!

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