• Alma del Banco Jury 2020

Alma del Banco Prize

On Friday, 24 January, the Alma del Banco Prize for the best thesis will be awarded for the second time at our campus in Hamburg as part of the bachelor's exhibition and award ceremony. The prize is donated by the “Forum für Künstlernachlässe“, which is dedicated to the promotion of art, the care and preservation of cultural values and the support of artists in Hamburg and northern Germany.

Tina Ahrens (left), Suze Barrett (middle) and Stefanie Plappert (right) are part of the jury:

Tina Ahrens is the director of photography at Philosophie magazine in Germany and an independent visual consultant providing project management, visual concept and editorial development for corporate and editorial clients such as CNN Digital, GEO magazine and National Geographic.

Suze Barrett is a cover designer for the news magazine DER SPIEGEL. For many years she was Executive Creative Director at Scholz & Friends in Hamburg and Managing Director for the creation department of Scholz & Friends Switzerland in Zurich. Suze Barrett has won over 200 creative awards nationally and internationally.

Stefanie Plappert is a renowned theater-, film- and media-scientist as well as exhibition curator at the German Film Institute & Film Museum in Frankfurt. She has been responsible for several film exhibitions and is a member of the selection committee of the EMAF (European Media Art Festival).

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