Laureate Network

University of Applied Sciences Europe as part of the Laureate International Universities network

The University of Applied Sciences Europe is part of the largest global network of private universities, Laureate International Universities. It includes over 75 accredited universities in 25 countries with more than 1 million students and therefore is the largest global university network. This guarantees a global network and valuable contacts from all over the world, inspiring time abroad during study, and an international career. Across cultures and continents.

A globally oriented Design degree

The professional working environment in the creative industries is global and digitalized. As a member of the Laureate network, we offer you a university education at the highest international standards. Semesters abroad, global lectures, international practical projects, study trips, exhibitions, and more are an important part of the program. We thus support your intercultural understanding and prepare you for an international career in the areas of art and design.

Study globally in a relaxed environment

Those who wish to work successfully in the areas of art and design require an understanding of the newest technologies, entrepreneurial spirit, as well as international experiences in addition to creativity. We offer you the opportunity to benefit from international exchange and to immerse yourself completely in the everyday life of a new cultural surrounding. The result is a multicultural, career-oriented program. You decide where you live and study for half a year or longer:

  • Europe
  • USA
  • Australia
  • Asia
  • South America.

Here for good – University of Applied Sciences Europe students make a difference

All Laureate universities have committed themselves to act and operate with a sustainable and responsible approach, globally, internationally, and across borders.

What role do design and art play in relation to poverty? LISTROS is a prime example demonstrating how creativity and entrepreneurial spirit intertwine and achieve sustainable results together.

With the “Addis on Fire” project, the organization Listros and students from BTK faculty, in interdisciplinary cooperation with our faculty BiTS students, founded a soccer club, which provided a place for culture and jobs at the same time. Students from BTK and BiTS support an international aid project together and pass on their knowledge, in order to support and encourage those in need.