Laureate Network

At BTK, we are part of the world’s largest network of private universities: Laureate International Universities. This network offers you the best opportunities for establishing valuable contacts to people all over the world, and to experience an inspiring stay abroad during your studies or international career. The network is comprised of more than 70 accredited universities in 25 countries with over 1,000,000 students – a truly global network across cultures and continents.


The working world today – especially in the creative industry – is global. That’s why a semester abroad, summer schools, student competitions, and exchange programs are an integral part of degree programs in design at BTK. You have the opportunity to gain valuable, international experience at one of our partner universities or another university of your choosing.


If you want to be successful in the creative industry, it is best for you to have experience abroad in today’s age. This not only broadens your own horizons and encourages intercultural understanding, but it also increases your job options in countries around the world. We are happy to support you in the selection, placement, and organization of your stay abroad.


Which role do design and art play within poverty? How can projects in third world countries be supported? LISTROS is the perfect example of how creativity and commitment come together to achieve big results.

As part of the world’s largest educational network, each and every student at BTK is responsible for society and thinking globally, beyond their own borders and communities. Thus, students at BTK in Berlin have been working with the LISTROS society ever since 2008 – helping to promote projects in Ethiopia. LISTROS, Ethiopian for shoe polisher, supports the shoe polishers in Addis Abeba both in their job and their education. Poster competitions have been organized, and BTK students traveled to Ethiopia to get to meet the listri personally and to gain a better understanding of their lives.

A new project is in the pipeline for next year: Addis on fire – how does one start up a soccer club in Addis Ababa? The LISTROS society and students of the International Sport & Event Management program at BiTS have set about doing precisely that. They are helping to lay the foundation and establish the structures on the ground for this project to occur. A multinational group of students are organizing the entire program. The aim of the project – which also involves BTK – is to set up a functioning club in Addis Ababa, which gives young sports players prospects and creates jobs.

The next milestone on this journey is to hold a soccer tournament in Berlin in March, involving eleven teams from around Germany, with the aim to raise public awareness for the project. Invitations will be sent out to the bigger clubs, too. The winner of this tournament will travel to Addis Ababa next summer to compete against ten regional teams there. On the 14-day tour, the soccer team will get to know the people and culture of Ethiopia and, together with the students, showcase their dedication to the cause.

In this undertaking, BTK and BiTS students are supporting an international aid project and are passing on their knowledge for the benefit and encouragement of those in need.