• Guest Students

Guest Students

Before Application

Who can study at University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE)?

All international students who are matriculated at a university may study at our university for one or two semesters as a visiting student. Students from our partner universities as well as from other institutions are welcome at University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE)

When do the semesters begin?

In Germany, the academic year is divided into two semesters:

  • The winter semester is from September to February. Testing takes place in Mid-February.
  • The summer semester is from March to July. Testing takes place in Mid-July. 


Which courses can I attend?

Ou university offers visitng students course packages in the following study programmes:

  • Communication Design (BA)
  • Photography (BA)
  • Business & Management (B.Sc.)
  • Media Spaces (MA)
  • Corporate Management (M.Sc.)

. Once the application process has begun, every prospective visiting student will receive the available paclages and can choose one.

What language skills are needed?

Language skills of at least the B2 level (CEFR) in either German or English are required. Should your native language be neither English nor German, please include proof of your language skills with your application. 

What sort of scholarships does University of Applied Sciences Europe offer?

University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) participates in the Erasmus+ programme and gives guest students with an Erasmus+ scholarship a heartfelt welcome. Talk to your current university to discover if they have an Erasmus+ contract with University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE), because the application process for an Erasmus+ scholarship is through your current university. 

How much is tuition?

Erasmus+ students:

  • No fees at University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE)

Students from partner universities:

  • Depends on the individual contract. Please talk to your current university.

Free-movers (students from universities outside the network):

  • Bachelor’s degree programme: regular tuition.
  • Master’s degree programme: regular tuition.

Application Process

How can I apply?

If you are a student at a partner university, please register with us through your home university. After you have been nominated by your university we will get in touch with you regarding the next steps. 

If you are a student at a university outside our network, please apply through our online-application form

What are the application deadlines?

June 15th, for the winter semester beginning in September.

December 15th, for the summer semester beginning in March.