• International Students

Full Degree-Seeking Students

Before Application

What can I study?

As a full-time student from abroad, you may complete your studies at University of Applied Sciences Europe. Your options in Berlin are:


Who can I turn to for questions about the programmes?

If you are interested in full-time studies at University of Applied Sciences Europe, our Admissions Office is happy to help with answers to all your questions.

Application Process

What are the application deadlines?
  • The application deadline for the winter semester is September 1st of every year.
  • The application deadline for the summer semester is March 1st of every year. 
How can I apply for a full dregree programme?

Please use our online application form.

What should I bring along with me to the interview?
  • Your résumé in a tabular format.
  • Certified copies of your high school diploma or equivalent occupational diploma.
  • Portfolio with your own artistic design work.
  • Social or charity projects, for example projects that you have worked on or are working on.