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    Jasmin Leske

UNTITLED - a free exhibition in the town hall Iserlohn


Highly committed studies from the 3rd semester organize the "UNTITLED" exhibition 

Our students from the study programs Communication Design and Photography are full of spirit. Jasmin Leske is one of them. During her studies she would like to gain important experiences in the field of exhibition and its organization.
So she decided to initiate an exhibition in the town hall of Iserlohn. She grabbed her classmates from the 3rd semester and brought them on board. 

Together, the fellow students have chosen the title "UNTITLED". The exhibits are independent of their student works and therefore different in their topic choice.

What moves students in their lives? This should embody the free exhibition and provide inspiration for future exhibitions. 

Discover the variety of exhibits and be inspired by the works! 

When: 10th January 2018, until 23rd January 2018
Where: City Hall Iserlohn

Open Hours:
Monday - Wednesday 8 am- 4 pm
Thursday  8 am - 6 pm
Friday 8 am - 12 pm


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