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The campus Berlin University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) invites you to an exciting and interactive webinar.

Saturday, 20 June 2020
10 pm - 2 pm CEST


  • Prof. Volker Pook
    Communication Design, Campus Berlin

  • Prof. Matthias Leupold
    Programme Director for BA Photography (german), Campus Berlin

  • Prof. Michael Danner
    Programme Coordinator BA Photography (GER + ENG) and Programme Leader BA Photography, Berlin

  • Prof. Hans Baltzer
    Programme Director Illustration, Campus Berlin

  • Prof. Sebastian Stamm
    Game Arts, Campus Berlin

  • Prof. Johannes Kiessler
    Programme Director for Innovation Design Management, Campus Berlin

  • Prof. Thomas Noller
    Prorector International & University Development, Programme Director for Media Spaces MA, Campus Berlin

  • Prof. Benjamin Dickmann
    Programme Director for Film + Motion Design, Campus Berlin

  • as well as the student advisory service of the Berlin location

Where: ​
​This is an online event. You’ll receive a Zoom link once you’ve signed up.

Procedure of the webinar::

  • 10 am - 10:20 am: Student Advisory Service - Welcome and Introduction (in English)
  • 10:20 am – 11 am: Commu​nication Design with Prof. Volker Pook (in English)
  • 11 am – 11:40 am: Photography Bachelor with Prof. Michael Danner und Prof. Matthias Leupold (in English)
  • 11:40 am - 12:20 pm: Photography Master with Prof. Michael Danner and Prof. Matthias Leupold (in English)
  • 12:20 pm - 1 pm: Illustration with Prof. Hans Baltzer (in German)
  • 1 pm – 1:40 pm: Game Design with Prof. Sebastian Stamm (in English)
  • 1:40 pm - 2:20 pm: Visual & Experience Design with Prof. Johannes Kiessler (in English)
  • 2:20 pm - 3 pm: Media Spaces with Prof. Thomas Noller (in English)
  • 3 pm - 3:30 pmFilm + Motion Design with Prof. Benjamin Dickmann (in English)
  • From 3:30 pm: Student advisory service - farewell and open questions (in English)

Our student advisory service will present special features of the Bachelor's and Master's programmes in detail and answer all your questions.

Our team is of course also available for discussions and individual advice.

We look forward to your participation!

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